Sunday, January 16, 2022

New Pickleball Instruction Offered at the MIRC

As the flurry of excitement swirls with pickleball frenzy, the Marco Island Racquet Center welcomes USAPA Pickleball Ambassador, Jodi Pree, to the teaching pro staff. Pree is offering a variety of pickleball clinics and socials designed for all levels of play.

“As an official USAPA Ambassador, teaching the basics, proper rules, technique, and etiquette are of highest importance. It’s always best to build on a solid foundation,” explains Pree. “My goal is to raise our level of play. Each clinic, social, and lesson that I’m offering is designed to help players at every level become more consistent, confident, and competitive.”

On Saturday, February 10th, players were treated to the first-ever Dink Wars at the MIRC. Fourteen ladies participated in the fun two-hour social. “It was so much fun and a great workout. I am looking forward to more Dink Wars,” remarked pickleball enthusiast, Dawn Kuhn.

“I limit most of my clinics to four players, insuring everyone gets plenty of one on one attention. Dink Wars is different…it’s a social I limit to 20 players. The purpose is to connect players, practice finesse, and encourage incorporating dinking in their daily play,” continues Pree.

For more information about pickleball go to: or call Jodi Pree at 239-302-9705.

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