Friday, December 3, 2021

New Kid’s Guide to Loving Our Beach

Samples of completed sea treasure bottles.

Samples of completed sea treasure bottles.


Earlier this month, members of the Calusa Garden Club and Beach Advisory Committee (BAC) jointly presented an environmental program to the Junior Gardeners at Tommie Barfield Elementary School. The Junior Gardeners program is an after school program provided monthly by members of the Calusa Garden Club.

The beach environment was the theme as BAC members Katie O’Hara, Ruth McCann and Maria Lamb unveiled their new kid-friendly beach brochure, “Kids Guide to Loving Our Beach.” Calusa Garden Club members Opi DeFalco, Barbara Messner, Lori Fredericks and Judy Kouhi were on hand for the first program in October.

In a fun and informative way, Katie O’Hara showed the students many ways they can love their beach. BAC members came prepared with sand, shells, buckets, grabbers and samples of collected beach trash.

The following are samples of easy to remember phrases from the kid-friendly brochure:

If you see trash, pick it up!

Do not feed, chase, or “flush” the birds.

If somebody is home, leave it alone – no live shelling.

Fill in your holes and level the sand.

Never bring glass to the beach.

Leave your bicycle

Katie O’Hara and Opi DeFalco with the “sea treasure bottle” demonstration. Photos by Maria Lamb

Katie O’Hara and Opi DeFalco with the “sea treasure bottle” demonstration. Photos by Maria Lamb

and dog at home.

To make it a true beach experience, the students filled “sea treasure bottles” with sand and seashells, accented with a small gem. Our Marco Island beach is a “gem” for all of us to treasure and preserve.

Beach Stewardship Program Update: 

Recently, the BAC welcomed the following new members of the Beach Steward Volunteer Program: Lou Basch, Chris Lewis, Marie Lynn McChesney, Dr. Jerry Swiacki, Linda Turner, and Helen Moore-Harbeson and Sean Marks of JW Marriott.

All completed a training session where Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino and Captain Dave Baer reviewed key points of Marco Island’s Beach Ordinance, with a reminder that Beach Stewards are the “extra eyes and ears” of law enforcement.

Beach Clean-up Schedule  

October 15, 8 AM at Residents Beach, sponsored by MICA.

November 19, 8 AM at South Beach, sponsored by Marco Island Woman’s Club.

Publix supplies gloves, water and trash bags. MICA supplies the beach vehicle to haul the trash to the dumpster, and Leadership Marco supplies buckets and picker-uppers.

To be a sponsor for 2017, please call Samantha Malloy at 239-389-3917 or email

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