Friday, January 28, 2022

New Fire Plans Review and Development Fee Reductions

The Growth Management Division and Board of County Commissioners made huge strides Tuesday in lessening the burden on developers and their customers by reducing fees and speeding up fire plans reviews.

With development speed tied to new jobs in the area, fire plan reviews had in some cases delayed projects prompting discussions with fire districts about their impact on economic development.

At Tuesday’s BCC meeting, Commissioners approved hiring County fire plans reviewers to assume control over reviews for East Naples, Golden Gate, Isles of Capri, Ochopee and Collier Fire District One. Additionally, the Board approved a $55,000 turn-key office lease with North Naples Fire Control and Rescue District (NNFD) which has decided to assume control of its own fire plans reviews and embed its reviews with the County’s fire plans review section.

The County is currently in the process of hiring the appropriate staff and the positions will remain open until filled. Interested applicants may apply at For more information, contact Camden Smith by emailing or by calling (239) 252-8605.

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