Monday, December 6, 2021

New Exhibition at Marco Island Center for the Arts

Marco Island Center for the Arts is proud to announce the opening of a brand-new exhibition of pieces that were created during the time our community and world was dealing with a global pandemic, as well as many other issues. While we expected to receive pieces that were artistic representations of how life had changed, we also did not limit the pieces to that subject. The exhibition features the work of 34 artists and a total of 83 pieces which comprise the unique and dynamic “March-July 2020: Artistic Reflections” 

Multiple mediums are represented including clay, fiber/textile, oil, acrylic, photography, collage, pastel, mixed media, and more. This exhibition will be on display through October 6th in the Lauritzen and Rush Galleries at Marco Island Center for the Arts. 

August 10-September 1, 2020  

La Petite Galerie features “Night Lights” Photography by Larry W. Richardson “Night Lights” has been a quest to find what glows, what sparks, what strikes and what lurks under the heavens that I actually must illuminate. “Night Lights” is a quiet and peaceful world that few people experience; probably because most have never really looked. 

September 3-October 7, 2020 

La Petite Galerie features Cheryl Costley Art closely tied to her love of fiber and fabrics that are dyed, painted, screen printed, drawn, stamped, and manipulated in a variety of ways that uses elements of abstract design.

Submitted Photos | Collage of Winners.


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