Saturday, October 16, 2021

New County Services

Coastal Comments

The County Public Utilities Department just won a well-deserved award for the “Best Tasking Water” in the region. This award was followed by winning the statewide contest in Tampa. Now the department has an opportunity to enter a Denver-based contest for the chance to be named the “Best in the Nation.” It would be terrific if we could win that one as well!

*You all ask about the steel structure, or as I call it, the “Skeleton Building” at Davis Boulevard and Collier Boulevard (951). I just received a note from Code Enforcement that said the company, Benderson, recently got their permit extended until May 10th to complete their building. They haven’t had any inspections done since they asked for the extension, and the fines continue to accrue daily. That facility has been a major eyesore to the people in the area. Plus, people who are visiting Collier County, and exiting I-75 there, are greeted by that awful structure. What an impression that leaves with our visitors! Let’s hope they will improve the appearance and landscape the area as well. We can’t do anything but watch helplessly. The company owns many shopping centers in this area, but none of the others look like this!

*Don’t forget the Goodland Dumpster Day on April 13th at Margood Park! Bring your discards and yard “junk” to be disposed of to the dumpster or ask for help by calling Greg Bello at 239-595-2719. The Goodland Community really wants to look a little neater and more tidy, so bring those old tires, old wood, broken outdoor furniture, screens, windows, or even broken household furniture that needs to be recycled so you can make way for nice new stuff! We always have lots of junk we keep meaning to get rid of, and this is the perfect time to do it!

Goodland is also going to request trash and recycling containers from Collier County’s Solid Waste Department for Goodland residents who would like them. Is that YOU? Call Shelly in Goodland if you are interested. She’ll take the order, and it’s free including delivery!

*My friend Carol Drake (from Falling Water’s community) and I drove up to the Florida Amish Country area called Pinecraft (below Sarasota and settled in 1923) for a little lunch the other day. Oh my, you should have seen the gift shops and the bakery and the deli products. There are two restaurants and one brand new hotel right there, along with a lovely wood furniture store (Miller’s Furniture), a bulk food store, a quilt shop, two restaurants, an indoor farmers market, and more. I was surprised how many Amish and Mennonite people were still in town! On our drive back home, we saw many car carriers heading north already. It was kind of early for the northerners to head back home, but maybe some like to be there to file their tax returns, etc. We had such a nice time. I wish we could have stayed all day, but alas, we could not. Maybe another time? Maybe Carol and Don would like to spend a few days up there shopping?

*A special little “thanks for your kindness” note to Kathy at Hathaway. It was so nice of you.

*On March 11th the county launched their new Collier 311 service, taking customer service to a new level. This is an easy way to access information regarding county services such as the CAT bus route, nearest park, beach parking stickers (now is the time to get them renewed, if you haven’t already – what a benefit they are to local citizens for parking at the beach), report sprinklers running onto the street, getting a roof inspection, and so much more. Now you can immediately connect with your county government just by dialing 311! The goal is to provide world class customer service by offering a single point of contact to access local government services in an efficient and effective manner. Gone are the days where you are transferred from person to person!

*My friend Susan Lawson from Naples Lakes just discovered the Eagle Lakes Aquatic Center at Eagle Lakes Community Park with her young teenage grandsons, and she said they were really excited about the diving boards and slides! This park is so heavily used, and the people are so happy with this marvelous addition! Again, we thank the Parks & Recreation Department, as well as the maintenance crew and the life guards who make this all happen! The birders really like the park as well! It’s a great park, and oh yes, they have swimming pool aerobics as well!  I was surprised to learn that many pools in developments do not have that capability. Come on over and meet the other people who are enjoying the classes. You’ll find some new friends!

*If you would like to be a part of the improvement of the East Naples community, why not come to an East Naples Civic Association luncheon and meet a few others who are also interested in helping to keep moving forward. The club meets on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM at the Player’s Club in Lely Resort. We have a speaker presenting information about new communities or restaurants or county information. The lunch is $22 at the door, but they ask that you RSVP to the reservation line at 239-434-1967. You will always be welcome!

*A new restaurant opened in the Courthouse Shadows shopping center across from the government center, and it’s an Irish restaurant called “Crooked Shillelagh.” The Crooked Shillelagh is open for express lunches Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM, and they specialize in getting you in and out before your lunch hour ends. Their lunches include a beverage (not alcohol) for $12.95. This is great for people working across the street at the government center or courthouse. For dinner they have a varied and exciting menu that sounds like it has a twist on the usual menu and a full bar. Local people have already found this clean, improved restaurant with tablecloths and cloth napkins and very friendly service and very friendly owners who work right there in the restaurant. You’ll enjoy this Celtic kitchen. They are closed on Sundays.

*My goodness, there are a lot of different nationalities represented in restaurants around here. Now we have this new Irish restaurant along with Erin’s Isle (under new ownership), a number of great Italian restaurants, the marvelous French restaurant Bistro Bagatelle, the Vietnamese and Italian restaurant Eurasia, Saki Japanese Restaurant, world famous 21 Spices Indian restaurant by Chef Asif, Kareem’s Lebanese Kitchen (I’ve heard great things about their food), Sze-Chuan Chinese restaurant, and then so many others that are franchises, plus more. There was a time when we were searching and begging for places to eat, but we have been graced with many new and terrific restaurants!

*Collier County is also introducing another program for residents called “Alert Collier,” which will alert you to things going on like an unannounced tornado, a hurricane or hurricane updates, a serious crash, serious traffic tie ups, etc. Create a contact on your phone for Alert Collier, the caller ID. The alerts will come from 239-252-8000 and the short code our texts will come from is 89361 and 87844. Save Alert Collier as a contact today! If you would like to sign up for Emergency ONLY text messages, text COLLIERFL to 888777.


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