Tuesday, October 19, 2021

New Council Questionnaire: Ken Honnecker



By Danielle Dodder 

Newly elected council Vice-Chair Ken Honnecker answered the set of questions we posed to all newly elected members. His responses follow below.

What do you feel will be your three biggest challenges when it comes to governing the city and communicating with your constituents? 

I feel that one of the biggest challenges will be putting an end to the “us vs. them” mentality that has taken hold over the City the past few years. Two other challenges will be: 1) Getting a complete understanding of the Utilities’ debt. 2) Making the citizens feel that their concerns are being heard and addressed by Council.

You are now responsible for a wide variety of crucial city



committees. How do you approach appointments to these committees? Do you have specific candidates in mind and/or specific goals you would like to see within these committees? 

I plan to look for qualified people. I would like to see some new faces, so the city can get some different points of view. I have no specific candidate in mind. My hope is that a large number of people respond to the various openings.

If you could create your own agenda for your first city council meeting, what are the first items of city business you would address? 

I ran on getting a ‘Citizen Survey’ done by the city and this is what I would like to get on the first agenda.

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