Saturday, December 4, 2021

New Balloon Provides Non-Surgical Weight Loss Option

A new, non-surgical device for weight loss is now available for the first time in Naples.

The recently FDA-approved ReShapeTM Integrated Dual Balloon System is a combination of two balloons that are inserted through a tube in the mouth into the stomach, where they take up space and help to control portion size and curb appetite. The minimally-invasive procedure is usually completed in 30 minutes.

After remaining in place for six months, the balloons are then deflated and removed.

With the balloons’ help, paired with personalized coaching, patients are encouraged to focus on healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits to maximize their success.

The ReShape balloon is currently available in Naples at Liberman Advanced Surgical, a division of 21st Century Oncology. Medical director Mark Liberman, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board certified surgeon who believes the balloon has the chance to help patients struggling with weight loss who are not interested in surgery.

“The ReShape balloon has been clinically proven to help overweight and obese patients lose weight without surgery,” says Dr. Liberman. “In the clinical study that led to FDA approval, almost half the patients that received the balloon implant lost more than 25% of their excess weight.”

“In addition to the balloon insertion, we encourage a team approach to weight loss, complete with a nutritionist, a trainer and a fully-integrated team that will help take care of the whole patient,” he says.

The ReShape balloon is indicated for patients with a BMI of 30 or higher, as well as a comorbidity like high blood pressure. The balloon is inserted endoscopically while the patient is anesthetized.

Liberman Advanced Surgical is located at 6101 Pine Ridge Rd., Naples, FL 34119.

For more information about the procedure or to schedule an appointment, visit or call (239) 348-4123.

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