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New Aquaví? Hearing Aid from Miracle-Ear®

Naples Supports Active Lifestyle for the Hearing Impaired Advanced engineering produces a hearing solution that is waterproof.

Naples, FL (Grassroots Newswire) August 15, 2011 – While hearing aids enhance the quality of life for the hearing impaired, until now they came with some limitations on lifestyle activities that involve water or moisture, dust, and shock or impact risks, according to Jim Cash, owner of Miracle-Ear in Naples. “With the introduction of the Aquaví hearing aid, those limitations are a thing of the past,” said Cash.

“Aquaví is the first hearing aid that is truly waterproof, not just water-resistant,” said Cash. “Wearers can enjoy swimming, engage in strenuous physical activity – even get caught in the rain  – without worrying about damage to their hearing aid from water, sweat or moisture. The device offers the added benefits of being dustproof and virtually shockproof, which means that it stands up to even the most adverse on-the-job or recreational activities.”

Innovative engineering and unique materials combine to create a one-piece, watertight case housing that is attached to the battery compartment with a silicone sealant. This design has earned Aquaví an Ingress Protection Rating of IP57, meaning the device can be completely submerged in water up to three feet deep for up to 30 minutes without damage to the instrument.

The device is also built to be virtually shockproof and features a soft rubber surface to ensure a snug fit that prevents slipping. This design, combined with the instrument’s waterproof features, makes it ideal for active people with a hearing loss.

“In addition to its groundbreaking waterproof attributes, Aquaví delivers a number of innovative features designed to enhance the wearer’s experience,” says Cash.

  • Feedback reduction: Aquaví offers the fastest feedback reduction available, virtually eliminating embarrassing “whistling”, even in the presence of music or microwave tones, and making speech sound clearer even in noisy environments.
  • SoundBoost: This feature helps manage extended exposure to high frequency amplified sound to allow wearers to experience more brilliant sound quality at concerts or in other sound-rich environments.
  • VoiceTarget: Aquaví automatically adjusts to focus on the area of highest speech activity, including speech from the rear. For the wearer, this offers better speech recognition no matter where the speaker is located. Now grandparents can easily hear what their grandchildren in the backseat of the car are saying without turning around!
  • Intelligent Peak Smoothing: This feature reduces spontaneous short duration loud sounds so that the wearer is not bothered by sudden loud sounds that happen quickly and are gone. Sounds that previously made hearing aid users uncomfortable – like the sound of a plate dropping on the kitchen floor – are detected and reduced to comfortable levels automatically.

“Miracle-Ear in Naples is proud to make this extraordinary new device available to the local community,” said Cash. “This type of innovation and sensitivity to the needs of hearing aid wearers is what sets Miracle-Ear apart as the premier hearing solution provider in your area. Aquaví addresses some very real quality of life concerns for many hearing aid users with its revolutionary waterproof, dustproof and virtually shockproof design. We believe that these innovations will help enhance the adoption, usability and effectiveness of this hearing aid solution.”

Miracle-Ear in Naples offers a complimentary, comprehensive hearing assessment that includes a complete hearing health history, visual ear canal inspection and a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation. If test results indicate a hearing loss, Miracle-Ear of Naples tailors a hearing aid solution to the individual’s lifestyle, working with the customer to determine which solution best meets his or her individual needs.

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