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Never Again!

USS Donald Cook

USS Donald Cook

Tarik Ayasun

Here is what the news outlets reported back on April 11 and 12th:

“A United States Navy destroyer operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea experienced several close interactions by Russian aircraft April 11 and 12. 

USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) encountered multiple, aggressive flight maneuvers by Russian aircraft that were performed within close proximity of the ship.

On April 11, Donald Cook was conducting deck landing drills with an allied military helicopter when two Russian SU-24 jets made numerous close-range and low altitude passes at approximately 3 p.m. local. One of the passes, which occurred while the allied helicopter was refueling on the deck of Donald Cook, was deemed unsafe by the ship’s commanding officer. As a safety precaution, flight operations were suspended until the SU-24s departed the area.

On April 12, while Donald Cook was operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea, a Russian KA-27 Helix helicopter conducted circles at low altitude around the ship, seven in total, at approximately 5 p.m. local. The helicopter passes were also deemed unsafe and unprofessional by the ship’s commanding officer. About 40 minutes following the interaction with the Russian helicopter, two Russian SU-24 jets made numerous close-range and low altitude passes, 11 in total. The Russian aircraft flew in a simulated attack profile and failed to respond to repeated safety advisories in both English and Russian. USS Donald Cook’s commanding officer deemed several of these maneuvers as unsafe and unprofessional.”

My blood boiled when I read this account of the events and watched in horror the TV footage of Russian SU-24 jets flying towards the USS Donald Cook in a threatening manner at flight deck level, as the Navy personnel aboard watched in amazement; some wearing shorts, others wearing baseball caps! No one was at general quarters, no one looked concerned, and no one called for “general quarters.”

You can be sure these ships are equipped with radar, which picked up the incoming jets in a threatening manner several minutes before their dastardly act. Why wasn’t any defensive action taken? Why didn’t we see even a single flare go up warning these jets to change course? Who was in charge?

Just a few months ago, a similar Russian jet violated Turkish air space for all but 14 seconds and it was

Russian jet flies aggressively over U.S. NavyDestroyer. Submitted Photos

Russian jet flies aggressively over U.S. NavyDestroyer. Submitted Photos

shot down! The military establishment of NATO and other countries around the world were aghast; people were wondering what action Russian dictator Putin was going to take against the Turks. They waited and waited, and waited and waited some more for a reaction from the Napoleonic dictator of Russia. They are still waiting. Putin did absolutely NOTHING!

A10-CBN-05-13-16-3Vladimir Putin is a bully. As all other bullies who are amongst us, he is also a COWARD! The best way to deal with a coward is to show him a measured amount of force. Shoot a few flares up and see how reacts. He does not have the intestinal fortitude to take us on, even on our worst day!

Have our Navy commanders been advised, like bank tellers and 7-Eleven clerks, to just put their hands up and let the robber empty the cash register of the establishment, while they watch and hope there will be no violence? I certainly hope not, but I am not certain. I am disgusted!

Here are some quotes after the incident:

“April 11-12, USS Donald Cook was operating in a professional manner in international waters conducting operations and exercises with our allies in the Baltic Sea”


Unprofessional and unsafe? How about outright threatening?

Is this the proper reaction from a top Navy commander? From the government of the United States of America?

I can just see the ugly face of Vladimir Putin, smiling with that cold, killer smirk of a seasoned KGB officer. He was not able to do anything when the Turkish Air Force pilot shot down one of his overly aggressive pilots!

It scares me to death when I think that we no longer have any leadership in our beloved country.

We let a two-bit dictator of a bankrupt country bully us with his inferior jets and pilots!

And bad news continues…

One of the greatest blunders of the century, if not the greatest, was the signing of a bogus nuclear non-proliferation agreement with the mullahs of Iran.

All the media, including the left-leaning New York Times magazine reported the following news story over the weekend:

“One of President Obama’s top national security advisers led journalists to believe a misleading timeline of U.S. negotiations with Iran over a nuclear agreement and relied on inexperienced reporters to



create an ‘echo chamber’ that helped sway public opinion to seal the deal, according to a lengthy magazine profile.

Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, told the New York Times magazine that he helped promote a ‘narrative’ that the administration started negotiations with Iran after the supposedly moderate Hassan Rouhani was elected president in 2013. In fact, the administration’s negotiations actually began earlier, with the country’s powerful Islamic faction, and the framework for an agreement was hammered out before Rouhani’s election.”

You can’t make these things up.

Our own leadership, whose primary duty is to protect us against all enemies foreign and domestic, in effect once again fooled us – the poor, low information, low energy American people! By creating a false narrative that Rouhani was more favorably disposed toward American interests and more trustworthy than the hard-liner faction that holds ultimate power in Iran, while not telling us that the agreement was reached way before Rouhani ever took office.

Another blatant, albeit dangerous lie from our elected government officials.

At the end of the day, our so-called leaders signed an agreement with the terrorist state, so-called the government of Iran, releasing over a hundred billion dollars to them to sponsor more terror, kill more Americans and dominate the Middle East.

Shame on us for electing such useless people to office.

Shame on us for doing it time after time.

Shame on us if we do it again.

We should stop being bullied by cowards and start calling them on these terrible calls they make. It is not too late to do that.

We need to bring back the great country we all love to her deserved place in the world.

Let us make sure the Putins of this world never think it is easy or funny to threaten us.

We are Americans. We are patriots. We do not need safe spaces to protect us from bullies and liars.

Let us make sure our elected government never fools us again and signs dangerous deals with state sponsors of terror in the world.

Let us rebuild and re-energize the greatest country in the history of the world.

Together we can do it.

Tarik Ayasun is president of the Marco Island Charter Middle School Board of Directors and has given many years of service of community service to various organizations. Tarik Ayasun at

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