Saturday, January 29, 2022

National Bicycle Month

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognizes May as National Bike Month. Nearly 25 million residents and visitors participate in bicycling in Florida annually. That includes more than 18.4 million bikers on paved trails and nearly 6.5 million bikers on unpaved trails.

Bike to Work Day is celebrated Friday, May 16. Statistics show that more than half of the U.S. population lives within five miles of their workplace and with interests in healthy, sustainable and economic transportation options increasing, the number of bicycle commuters has grown 47 percent in 11 years. According to the American Heart Association, every $1 spent on biking trails and walking paths could save approximately $3 in medical expenses.

In addition to providing healthy exercise, bicycling is an easy way to travel between communities. Florida’s 10 state trails provide paved paths for bicyclists and others promote clean air and additional environmental benefits by reducing vehicle emissions. This is a great way to celebrate May as National Clean Air month.

Helmet use is encouraged for all bicyclists and required for anyone younger than 16.


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