Monday, October 25, 2021

National Advisory Board

Kira Krumm

Kira Krumm

Kira Krumm has recently been named to the National Advisory Board of the Marco Island Academy. According to Jane Watt the schools founder, her role will be to assist and guide the school’s art program.

As an accomplished designer, Ms. Krümm continues her dedication to the arts and her community. In addition to her affiliation with many national and international trade organizations, she is involved with several regional fine arts and civic organizations. She is a member of the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce and is the former Vice President and Visual Arts Chairman for the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts, and acted as the Chairman of the Selection Committee for Art Quest. Ms. Krümm was appointed a member of the Marco Island City Arts Advisory Committee by The Marco Island City Council and was an active leader in the planning of the 2011 first annual arts festival for the City of Marco Island.

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