Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Naples Free-Net offers low cost internet connectivity



Trying to decide if your home or small business needs a DSL line, dial-up, Wi-Fi, or bundled programs that combine telephone, cable television and Internet connections can be a daunting task. Naples Free-Net has been a low cost option for Collier County residents since 1995.

For example, installing a 1.5M DSL line through Naples Free-Net costs $32.99 monthly, including all taxes and fees. Naples Free-Net charges users the same rate that they are charged by Network Tallahassee for DSL connections without taking a profit. Naples Free-Net members purchase a modem for a $75 one-time charge, compared to monthly modem rentals and other fees charged by other high speed providers. Naples Free- Net charges an annual $60 membership fee. If speed is not an issue, Naples Free- Net also offers dial-up service without monthly charges. Users must have a Century Link telephone line to use NFN DSL or NFN Dial Up.

According to Birgit Pauli-Haack, President of Naples Free-Net, when it comes to price reductions, it can be like the price of a barrel of oil and gas at the pump – the price of a barrel of oil may go down, but the price you pay at the pumps doesn’t lower as fast if at all.

“With technology, the tendency is to get more speed or more capacity for the same price rather than for prices to come down,” said Pauli-Haack. “Laptop computers are a good example, still at relatively the same price, but with increased RAM, and bigger hard drives compared to a couple of years ago.”

Pauli-Haack said people get confused when they are lured by a $14.99 per month offer for internet service which doesn’t include the mandatory taxes, and has fees and annual contracts along with monthly modem rental charges. Today, people want to be able to download entertainment and they need 1.5M speed or greater. Anything lower than that is not feasible in



today’s world of online offerings, which is why most Naples Free-Net members opt for the DSL line.

Because television is so expensive today, more people are choosing to bundle with local cable television and phone companies. If you opt for a bundled package, you can save money when adding up what would otherwise be your telephone bill, internet bill, and cable television bill. But remember, if you decide to bundle, you lose your land line telephone, which may be the only connection you have for an emergency during extended brown-outs caused by storms or temporary power outage. Consider Naples Free-Net options before deciding.

Naples Free-Net offers live customer support. Call and reach a real person, who can walk you through the steps to install or correct an issue. Naples Free-Net does not require annual contracts. If you get laid off from work and cannot cover the monthly fee, you can suspend the service indefinitely and use the free Wi-Fi and computers at any of the ten Collier County libraries. If you travel for the summer, you can suspend service and not be billed the monthly fee.

Naples Free-Net membership at $60 per year gives members free attendance at computer and internet classes offered at a newly refurbished training room at Naples Free-Net headquarters in East Naples. Classes include instruction on Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, as well as some of the latest photo and publishing tools available. Members also get their choice of a username for for an e-mail address, plus five additional e-mail addresses and free usage of Naples Free-Net’s own photo sharing site.

“Naples Free-Net is reachable and approachable,” said Pauli-Haack. “We care about our members. They like us because we are nonprofit and appreciate our contributions to the community. Our local nature is our strength.”

For more information or to sign up for Naples Free-Net connectivity, contact Naples Free-Net in the Village Falls Professional Center, 5035 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34113. Call (239) 417- 1400 or visit the website at .

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