Tuesday, October 19, 2021

N Collier Blvd Construction Project Update

The construction project currently under way along North Collier Blvd. is the City’s North Collier Blvd Phase 4 Drainage Project. This work is to install underground conduit and piping systems along Collier Blvd. between Barfield and Buttonwood. These new drainage system pipes will connect to a newly installed outfall located on Fairlawn Ct. In conjunction with the drainage pipe installations several water and sewer line deflections have also been constructed. The City will also be crossing Collier Blvd. at two locations to install large diameter connection pipes and outfalls. This work will be completed during night time operations in the near future. As always when ever the City contractors will be doing night time operations, advance notice will be provided to the traveling public.

The work on this project began on October 9th, 2012 and as indicated in our contract with Quality Enterprises, USA, the ending date is December 24th, 2012. However, we believe that with favorable weather conditions and limited traffic interruptions we may complete the project before that date. This schedule was established to allow work after our rainy season and to be completed prior to the historical start of our major tourist season. Prior to the start of construction the local residents were notified of the pending project. If there are any questions concerning this valuable construction project, please contact the City’s Public Works Director, Timothy Pinter at 239-389-5018.

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