Sunday, October 17, 2021

My Surreal Encounter With Angels



This is weird. I no longer trust boat trailers and I think of mangroves as angels. Actually I’ve never thought much about either one. After all, here in Southwest Florida, we see boat trailers all the time. And we take care of our mangroves but we take them for granted.

Now my thinking is completely different.

About eight o’clock one sunny morning, I was travelling on Hwy 92 — you know, that road with water on both sides — towards Hwy 41. Coming the other way was a truck hauling a boat on a four-wheel trailer. Just as we passed each other a wheel from the boat trailer came off careening toward me and slammed my car on front left side. BAM!!! A sudden loud impact. Oh no! This can’t be happening!

Air bags deployed, car locked up and glided with no steering off the road into a heavy stand of mangroves. Those tall thick mangroves were my first angels and shielded me from going into the water. I had no control over the car. God did.

So God and I came to a full stop. BMW called immediately and said they were calling 911. Airbags and smoke obscured my view. I was so thankful I didn’t land in the water, but I thought the car was on fire and that maybe no one would find me. I remained calm, but knew I had to get out. Neither seat belt nor door would open. But that turned out to be just some sort of delay factor. After what seemed like far too long, I did open the door and standing right there ready to help me was an angel in the form of a compassionate man. He took me in his arms and comforted me. The most amazing surprise and relief I have ever felt. Where did he come from?

Out of the car now, this amazing man and I realized I had no injuries except for a nasty bruise on one leg. I was and still am emotionally shaken, but God had made sure I was physically ok. Surreal.

The Marco Battalion Chief, Collier County rescue workers and East Naples Police all came to the scene quickly. I called my husband of almost 53 years who arrived even more quickly. He was an angel and great comfort to me. Meanwhile my amazing anonymous angel and his angel wife watching over me explained that airbags have powder when they deploy so my car was not on fire. Whew! God sent them I am convinced.

Everyone who was there were wonderful to me and I thank all of them. I kept my composure until a close friend from Goodland stopped after noticing the accident. I broke down in tears as we hugged and hugged. She and her husband are both good friends. And friends can be angels too.

I am overwhelmed and on the verge of tears when I think about all the angels who took care of me that day. The whole experience was surreal and I am not over it yet. One thing I know about myself is that in difficult circumstances I do remain calm, but the minute someone does something nice for me, I break down and let it all out.

It’s important to let whatever it is out though. It helps with healing. But after this surreal encounter with angels I will never be the same and I will always endeavor to be compassionate to others. Even people with rusty boat trailers.

Joanie Fuller

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