Saturday, December 4, 2021

Multi-Story Parking at South Beach

Guest Commentary


It has come to my attention that there is a proposal being floated to install a multi-level parking garage at the County parking lot adjacent to Marco’s South Beach. 

I am writing to voice my opposition to this proposal. The data being circulated in support of the County’s proposal purports to show the need for extra parking, but in fact it does no such thing.

Here are the supporting figures in tabulated form



Based on the county’s own data, the existing facility is at full occupancy less than one-half of the time. Those who would foist this upon us should remember that South Beach attendances in 2020 were exceptional, particularly during the period when the east coast beaches were closed.

Questions that require answering include: What did the figures look like for the 2018-2019 period? How many floors of parking would be involved, what are the plans for facility management and security, plans for bathroom facilities and trash management, impact on traffic flows at the south end of the Island, particularly entrance and egress on Swallow Avenue? Finally, to what extent will the multi-level parking at Tigertail Beach mitigate the supposed need?

Anyone resident last summer will recall the challenges resulting from ill-behaved and disrespectful crowds on South Beach, and the decline in the general quality of the beach experience. The photographs should give a sense of the situation for residents who were not here and a timely reminder for those who were. How will the County improve on this record if even more day-trippers are on South Beach?

Why would any Marco resident wish for such a thing? Please contact your City Council and County Commissioner and make your views known.


Andrew Tyler

Marco Island



4 responses to “Multi-Story Parking at South Beach”

  1. M C LESKE says:

    As a full-time resident of Marco Island, and a long-time Beach Steward for the City of Marco Island, I strongly oppose the plan for a garage. South Beach is already crowded, with many day-trippers. The beach will be damaged by the proposed garage, which will increase trash, traffic, and damage to wildlife. Please express your opposition to the City and the County.

  2. Tom Morrison says:

    We strongly disagree with putting more parking by the south beach at Marco Island. We do not want more people flooding into Marco Island.. The one thing that makes Marco Island so unique and highly desirable is it is a quaint island town. If you try to force more people into it you will lose that quaintness and the charm of Marco Island which will destroy it’s real value. If they want big cities go to Miami go to Naples but not Marco Island!

  3. Constance Dicruttalo says:

    A parking garage at south beach would be a disaster, my recollection is that the city approved a parking lot after the council approved the building of Cape Marco which never should have been allowed at the south end.
    A parking garage would be an eye sore create more traffic, noise, litter, crowded beach and more crime.

  4. A P Duffy says:

    An absolute NO to a multi-level parking garage or any type of further parking at south beach. Those of us who live in the vicinity can no longer enjoy the beach due to overcrowding from day trippers. These so called ‘visitors’ to our beach do nothing to support our economy. They arrive loaded down with several coolers and, contrary to what you may hear, they do not spend their dollars on Marco. Therefore, why on earth would we want to build more parking to increase this flow? Please stop and think of those of us who respect our beautiful island. We want, and deserve to be able to enjoy our beach!

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