Thursday, October 21, 2021


Mr. Jones. Photo courtesy of Helen Bryan

Mr. Jones. Photo courtesy of Helen Bryan

Everglades City School principal Bobby Jones is retiring after serving 11½ years in the only school in the state to have all 12 grades in one establishment.

He is most proud of what he has achieved:

  • Lower drop-out rate
  • Attendance rate rose
  • Implemented a uniform dress code
  • Implemented the AVID program for 9th through 11th grade students.
  • School made a “B” grade this past school year for FCAT scores

He plans to spend his time now golfing, fishing, and traveling. His position will be filled by Mrs. Cherise Brummer who joined the school as Assistant Principal this fall.

Thank you, Mr. Jones, for all you’ve done. We hope you have a happy and relaxing retirement!

(Reprinted from the January 21st edition of the Mullet Wrapper)

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