Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mother’s Day Etiquette

Ask the Life Coach

Dear Coach,

I’m in my 50’s and, fortunately, I still have a mother who I see regularly. We are very close and we have a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration every May.

However, many of my girlfriends aren’t so blessed. Some have recently lost their mothers, a few have been motherless for many years. Because we are very close and talk about our day-to-day activities, I’m wondering how to handle the awkwardness of Mother’s Day when I’m with them. I see that you’re writing a book about mother loss so I thought you might have some ideas for me. Thanks in advance.


Dear Sensitive,

You’re especially tender-hearted and caring to be thinking of your motherless friends at this time of the year. My mother died sixty-five years ago but Mother’s Day can still be a little difficult especially since I don’t see my grown children on that day.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your friends about your special day with your mother. Believe me, your friends wouldn’t want you to stay silent. You might ask your friends to share a special memory of their mother. Telling our stories can be very healing. Or, you might ask about a Mother’s Day they remember. I remember filling window boxes with flowers for my mother. It is a precious memory I love to share when asked.

Let your friends know you’re not taking the special relationship you have with your mother for granted. Also, let them know you are sensitive to their unique situations. You’re a special friend. Happy Mother’s Day!


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