Monday, December 6, 2021

More Phoenix Awards for MIFRD



By Noelle H. Lowery

For the second time in a month, members of the Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department were recognized by the Collier County Bureau of Emergency Services with a Phoenix Award.

Named after the mythological bird that died and rose renewed from the ashes, the Phoenix Award is given to first responders who brought back to life, through their highly-trained efforts, patients who were clinically dead with no heartbeat or breathing.

A total of 19 MIFRD personnel received a Phoenix Award — 16 in November and three more this month. All told, more than 90 emergency response personnel from Collier County EMS, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s fire districts received an award for 18 patients resuscitated over a seven-month period. While fewer than 8 out of 100 people survive a cardiac arrest outside the hospital, Collier County far exceeds that average.

Collier County EMS held special ceremonies for the emergency response at the Emergency Services Center in Naples.

Among those MIFRD personnel receiving a Phoenix Award were:

  • Division Chief Dave Batiato
  • FF/Paramedic Chris Bowden
  • Captain EMT Paul MacMillan
  • FF/Paramedic Scott Cory (2)
  • FF/Paramedic Munier Gattas
  • Engineer EMT Ken Stenback (2)
  • Engineer EMT Steve Hagmann
  • FF/Paramedic Pat O’Gorman
  • FF/Paramedic Nick Varro (2)
  • Lieutenant Paramedic Oscar Hernandez
  • Division Chief Paramedic Jeff Kutzke
  • FF/Paramedic Hafid Oliver
  • Captain Paramedic Jim Pope
  • FF/Paramedic Nelson Ramirez
  • Division Chief EMT Scott Schultz (2)
  • Fire Chief Mike Murphy
  • FF/Paramedic Anthony Gordon (2)
  • Engineer Paramedic Dustin Beatty (2)
  • FF/Paramedic Christian Holmes

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