Wednesday, January 19, 2022

More Good News for Lady Anglers!

Captain Lynn Keller, President of LASF. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Captain Lynn Keller, President of LASF. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Captain Mary A. Fink

There is plenty of exciting evidence that more and more women are discovering the great sport of fishing! One example of this is the continual growth of both local and state wide ladies fishing clubs and organizations where both fishing trips and social events are enjoyed by the club members and participants. One ladies fishing club, called Lady Anglers of South Florida (LASF), is comprised of ladies who love to fish and experience the enjoyment of the club’s social events as well. Captain Lynn Keller, the current president of the club states that “Lady Anglers is a fishing club with social events”, and “Captains like to take us out as we are good listeners, follow instructions and most importantly, catch fish”! Captain Keller explained that the fishing club has a membership cap of 35, but currently has openings for interested anglers who would be interested in joining.

The process to join LASF is fairly simple. The first step is to simply contact Captain Keller, or be sponsored by a current member. There is a $50.00 initial membership fee and some other rather basic requirements. The requirements include a brief interview by the current board, attendance at 1 club meeting, participation in 1 club fishing trip and attendance at one club social event.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of taking a good number of the LASF Members out fishing, through my fishing charter company, Island Girls Charters. Our trips have been primarily in the beautiful Ten Thousand Islands as well as the Fabulous Florida Keys. The Club Members are lots of fun and genuinely supportive of

Joan Olin, LASF member

Joan Olin, LASF member

each other, and many have a knack for catching fish. The experience level of the Members is broad, ranging from novice anglers to ladies who have fished most of their lives. Through LASF, many of the Members have become cherished friends, allowing the club to grow socially, as well. The fact that the club provides social activities as well as fishing experiences enhances the clubs uniqueness making it more attractive to lady enthusiasts.

Private fishing trips are encouraged within the group and there are often ladies ready to fish on a moments’ notice! Some of the clubs more recent fishing destinations include the Suwannee River, Miami Beach, The Florida Keys, Boca Grande, Crystal River, The Ten Thousand Islands as well as local offshore locations. Often, fishing charter captains will provide discounts to the Club Members making fishing trips more affordable.

If fishing, making new friends and enjoying the beauty of nature is something that sounds appealing to you, contact LASF president, Captain Lynn Keller today to see about becoming a Member. Captain Keller may be contacted via email at: or


Captain Mary specializes in fishing the beautiful Ten Thousand Islands. She holds a “six pack” captains license and has a knack for finding fish. A passionate angler possessing over 35 years of extensive experience in both backcountry and offshore fishing, Mary offers fishing expeditions through her Island Girls Charters company. When fishing with Captain Mary, you will be exposed to a variety of successful techniques including cast and retrieve, drift fishing, bottom fishing and sight fishing. Visit to learn about fishing with Capt. Mary, or reach her at 239-571-2947.

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