Saturday, June 25, 2022

More Changes to Come




Donna Fiala

We have a remarkable towing company in this part of Collier County named Bald Eagle Towing. I’m sure you’ve seen their tow trucks around. Did you know that if you have a car break down or an accident where the police would have to call a tow truck, you can REQUEST the tow company of your choice?  I did just that and was so pleased. The very next day I was reading in the paper about a different towing company who was towing a car late at night when the Sheriff’s Office put on his lights to pull the tow truck over, and instead the driver hit the gas pedal and made a bee-line to get away. The Sheriff’s office chased him and he sped up even more. The S.O. then put “stop sticks” in the road which blew out the tow truck’s tires and still he kept driving on the rims of the tires!  Finally, the car he was towing fell off and the tow truck hit something and came to a stop.  I just wonder what the driver was doing that he didn’t want to be caught? Anyway, Bald Eagle tests all their guys and checks their records and will only hire the best of the best. I know this sounds like a commercial, but honestly, they don’t even know I’m writing about them. I just wanted to make people aware that they don’t’ have to take the tow company that is next in rotation, to be called from law enforcement, you can ask for the one you want – even from AAA! That’s what I did.

• Did you know there is an organization called Marco Island Writers based at the Marco Center for the Arts whose main focus is to network with other writers and authors of all skill levels, help one another improve their craft by sharing information, and support and encourage other writing endeavors? They meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, year ‘round from 6–8 PM at the Center for the Arts, 1010 Winterberry Drive. Doors open at 5:30 PM to sign in. E-mail: – Elisabeth Noyes, President, or call 239-394-5856.

• The Ulta Cosmetics store has opened in the Tamiami Crossings Shopping Center. That parking lot is always busy! Last Saturday evening at 8:45 it was still loaded with cars. What will happen when the other stores open? They’ll have to find more parking! AND – if they add a sit-down restaurant out front, I hope they build parking for them, because there won’t be any place to park otherwise.  I think the Stein Mart has really been surprised at all the business that has flooded their store.

• You probably have not heard yet, but the Naples Outlet Mall has been sold. I’ve talked to the new owners a few times, but I’ll have to call them to see where they are in their plans before I say anymore, although I can say they want to keep it an outlet mall, and bring it up to present day standards, with a much better appearance. They already have some great stores there, but from the road it isn’t a very appealing place to draw in customers. The new owners have some good ideas. I think I’ll forward this column to them before I call them, so they know we are all counting on a much better look.

• Very soon now we will begin to see the next phase of landscaping along 951 between Mainsail Drive and Fiddler’s Creek. The contracts have been approved and they are out for bid. My guess is that the job will be finished before Christmas.

• Although the Bayshore area is not very close to Marco, it really isn’t that far from 951/Collier Boulevard, especially being that you can drop by and view the gorgeous Botanical Garden after you have breakfast at 360 Market. What a treat! Anyway, the commercial properties are beginning to sell there, and some new and wonderful communities will soon be built in place of the overgrowth that sits there now. In a few years it should be a shining example of redevelopment.  In the years past, it was a dangerous area to venture into, with drugs and prostitution displayed openly. Slowly (and it has been slow) but surely, it is being transformed into a lovely area that will have a few nice restaurants (of course we already have The Real Macaw and 360 Market, plus a few Latin restaurants), darling cottages being built, lovely condos about to be built, etc., and all the while the crime rate continues to decrease because criminals do not like the light to shine on their “business.” What a relief for those of us who live nearby!

• Although there is so much more to say, I must say adieu for now because I’m running out of space.

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