Monday, October 18, 2021

Moore finds skills for life

Tom Moore with Anthony Robbins. Submitted

Tom Moore with Anthony Robbins. Submitted

by Danielle Dodder

When Tom Moore started roofing in college, it’s safe to say he didn’t imagine that motivational guru Tony Robbins would become a source of inspiration for him one day.

Moore, who majored in money management but found the concept of a desk job stultifying, would tell himself, “I’ll get a real job someday.” His roofing business, Moore’s Metal Roofing, continued to grow, however, and six years later he found himself having an unusual conversation with friend and client Mike McCarty.

McCarty was a Tony Robbins fan and wanted to recruit Moore to attend a Robbins motivational seminar. Jokes Moore, “At that point, I thought, ‘You’re not as cool as I thought you were.’” Moore felt the idea of a motivational seminar was a waste of time. “I already work hard, and I’d been to career seminars. You show up, you take notes.” McCarty promised a reluctant Moore that the experience would be more rock concert than classroom.

Ultimately, Moore agreed to attend Unleash the Power Within, a three-day seminar led by Robbins.  The experience was an immediate grab for him. “Tony Robbins took the stage and didn’t let up for twelve hours.”

Moore explains Tony Robbins as more of a life coach than a motivational speaker. “The program teaches you how to think, how to solve problems, and more importantly, why you want to change something.”

Robbins kept the room freezing, said Moore, to keep everyone’s concentration focused, and at times turned the program into a stadium concert. “It’s unbelievable to see 3,000 sober people jumping up and singing when before that, they may have been working through [personal] problems.”

It wasn’t the concert atmosphere that turned Moore into a Robbins convert, but the real gains he noticed that resulted from participating. Moore, who had already been running a successful roofing business for six years, found new life skills that would help his business continue to thrive.

Moore characterizes himself as someone who’s struggled with shyness, and he chose that obstacle to work on during his first seminar so he could become more comfortable with promoting his business and dealing with clients. Pleased with the changes he saw in himself, he signed on to Tony Robbins’ Platinum Club, allowing Moore to complete all the seminars offered in a one year period.

“You go to the gym to work on your body, but how often do you work on your mind? It’s a daily thing; but it works.”

Tickets to the next presentation of Unleash the Power Within are available by calling 866-768-7845.

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