Monday, November 29, 2021

Modern Marco Exhibit Opens



Donna Fiala

The Modern Marco Exhibit has opened at the Marco Island Museum. It is so much fun to look at everything, recall the past and enjoy the many things we recognize because we were already here. They did a great job, and the staff is so excited to see people coming to enjoy the progress.

The next display is a year away, and is called “Pioneer Days on Marco Island.” Visiting the museum is one of those great things to do when you have company, or it rains, or it is too hot (or too cold in the winter), and it is FREE! (You might want to spend a few dollars in the gift shop though. They have some really cute things for adults and kids alike.)

  • Lely Elementary School on Lely Cultural Boulevard in East Naples had their annual Red Ribbon Day, and the enthusiasm and excitement permeated the air everywhere. The kids were dressed in red shirts, the delightful teachers even wore red costumes, and the guests (like me) wore red shirts or bows in their hair. Our own Marco Island VFW was there to introduce the colors and start us in the Pledge of Allegiance. I was so proud of them! These guys are a credit to the Island. This particular school does a lot with song – probably because of their music teacher, Craig Greusel with the “golden voice,” who gets the kids involved by singing. I found it interesting to see that no matter which drug-free song Mr. Greusel started, the kids jumped right in and knew every word. As I watched with glee, I realized singing is probably the best way to teach a child. They don’t even realize they are memorizing something, and they don’t feel like they are learning; yet they never skipped a beat. Too bad we can’t teach more through song. I bet it would work much better and the kids wouldn’t feel intimidated or bored with learning because they were having fun and using that extra energy they all have. This school has been so kind as to invite me to celebrate with them for the last 13 or 14 years. I just love it.
  • Last week a new “home” version of CPR was demonstrated at the Ace Hardware stores in Collier and Bonita. Michael Wynn (his family owns Ace Hardware stores in Collier and Lee) was there to welcome people at the East Naples Ace and the downtown Naples Ace, along with Dr. Tober who did a fantastic job of explaining and creating enthusiasm, plus the inventor of this device, Mr. Joe Hanson, and of course Keith Dameron, who is always working hard at inspiring good health among all of us. Collier County EMS, Noemi Fraguela-Division Chief in particular, demonstrated how to use it. This little device can be used anywhere and at any time. You can carry it in your trunk when you are driving, or just keep it on your dresser in case anyone looks like they are having a heart attack. As it says, “Once a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, Chest Compressions are the heartbeat.” It has a triangular shaped base with a rubber wheel on top and a little red button. When you push the button it immediately tells you to call or have someone else call 911, and then tells you to put the device on the chest and to push, push, push. It counts them for you, and keeps you going. It doesn’t hurt your hands like when you are giving CPR, and there is no mouth to mouth, or pushing improperly. It guides you through the whole process until help arrives. It’s safe and easy to use. This little device, for only $80, can help you save a life! I bought one even though I might never have a need for one, but you never can tell; that one instance can occur at any time. If I were a boat captain or fishing charter captain, I would want one on my boat because I’d want to help a heart attack victim until we reached shore. Hopefully you found this little piece of information helpful. Oh! By the way, as I was leaving the East Naples Ace Hardware store, I saw a rack of Coastal Breeze newspapers! Way to go Val! You’re getting the word out.

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