Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Mobile Mammo

Coming to Farmer’s Market!. Submitted

Coming to Farmer’s Market!. Submitted

by Dr. Mary Kay Peterson

When Breast Cancer Awareness rolled around the corner last October, Radiology Regional Center’s new service, Mobile Mammo, did the same. Mobile Mammo is state of the art digital mammography that eliminates some barriers by making breast healthcare screening faster and more convenient for women. Based on census data, of approximately 204,000 women of the age to be screened, only 50,000 women receive this preventative healthcare. More than 50 years of data prove the benefits of mammography in early detection and improved survival for early caught breast cancers. RRC, in its continued commitment to providing quality, accessible imaging, has responded to the needs of the community.

The Mobile Mammo will be at Veterans’ Community Park during the Farmer’s Market, January 19th from 8:00 am-2:00pm. Look at our website for more dates or contact us directly at 239-936-2316 for more information. No prescription is necessary for a screening mammogram. Walk-ins will be accommodated, but scheduled times are encouraged. Most insurances are accepted, both local and out of state, and discounted pricing is available for self-pay patients.

The patient will enter the coach and be greeted in a reception area, where she will be checked in. Patients will be encouraged to contact the provider of their last mammogram in advance, if done outside of this area to obtain priors. Medical releases are available to download from the website. The patient will then proceed to a private dressing room adjacent to the mammography suite. Similar to our offices, results will be mailed to the patient and physician within a few working days. Results are expedited if prior mammograms are readily available for comparison. The exams are read by local, board-certified radiologists, including fellowship-trained Women’s Imagers. Every mammogram is analyzed by computer-aided detection, and then reviewed by the reading radiologist.

Mammography is proven preventative healthcare, saving lives and making a difference in the long-term survival of those diagnosed with breast cancer. The baseline mammogram should be performed at age 40, unless the patient is high risk, including first-degree relative diagnosed premenopausally with breast cancer. Monthly self-exam and routine annual physician exam is also part of regular breast healthcare.

Since the initiation of full field digital mammography, to recent participation in the national clinical whole breast screening ultrasound trial, ABUS, to Mobile Mammo, Radiology Regional Center has continued to move forward with cutting edge technology, a vision for the future, and the same high quality, compassionate care for our patients that we have provided for more than 35 years.

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