Monday, January 17, 2022




Eve Tschantz

I have never written to the newspaper before but, I felt with what happened to our family needs to be told. Ten years ago when we were looking for a winter home we choose Marco Island because it seemed so safe and secure. We purchased a house and our kids were so excited that they wanted to buy us a special housewarming gift. They asked what we would like. Well I couldn’t think of anything, and then I had remembered that my husband had seen a Seahorse mailbox that he just loved. So I suggested that to the kids. They thought it was a great idea and I started searching for one which I finally found in Bradenton Florida. Now the one I found was not cheap but the kids really wanted it so they chipped in for the mailbox and I covered the shipping. Finally the day arrived and the Seahorse showed up. My husband was surprised and excited so we began installing it immediately which required digging a hole and a lot of concrete. One morning about a year later I was taking a walk and found that someone had tried to tip over the mailbox but found it was in concrete and they couldn’t get it over. I called the police and they said it was probably a spring break prank and they would keep an eye out. I called Al at Affordable Landscaping and he came right away and straightened it up for me. When my husband came back to Marco he added more concrete and we never had another problem. Now you are probably wondering why I am writing this story. Well last year we built a new home and the first thing our kids said is “you’re going to move the mailbox aren’t you”? Well of course we brought the mailbox with us to our new home and installed it the first day. It has been in the ground since May of 2011. Regrettably someone stole our Seahorse on Friday, March 30. A nice gentleman was riding his bike and found our mail on the ground and brought it to our front door. Sometime later my husband was going to the store and found our Seahorse was gone. I called the police and made a report that the Seahorse had to be taken sometime between 8 pm on Thursday and 8 am on Friday. The worst part of this is it cannot be replaced. The company that made it has gone out of business and I cannot find another one I have been all over the internet looking. My kids are upset as are my husband and I. So I am asking the person that took our Seahorse please bring her back. Please bring her back or call 239 394-4035 and we’ll pick her up.

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