Sunday, October 24, 2021

MIPD to Use Mobile Shooting Range




The Marco Island Police Department is pleased to announce they will be the first department in the Southeastern United States to secure the use of a mobile shooting range. This range will allow the Marco Island Police Department to conduct use of force training that is mandated by the State of Florida to ensure that officers maintain the highest level of preparedness, with the most up-to-date training available. More importantly, the training will be onsite, which allows the police department to train officers while on duty and still be available to respond to calls for service.

Currently the Marco Island Police Department utilizes an off-site range facility. This requires the police department to send officers out of their jurisdiction to complete the required training, and therefore reduces their availability to respond to calls for service in the community should the need arise.

Mobile Tactics is a live-fire, fully self-contained, indoor shooting range with three shooting positions. The range is also capable of accommodating rifle caliber ammunition. The mobile range is housed in a standard 53’ semi-trailer that has been fully lined with AE500 armor plating. Mobile Tactics has been certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for mandatory agency qualifications. Not only can the mobile range be used for standard lighted qualifications, but the range also can be adjusted to allow law enforcement personnel to operate in low light/no light conditions that are mandated by the state on a biannual basis.

Additionally, the mobile range offers the use of the CAPS decision making system, which provides agencies the ability to document use of force training, also mandated by the State of Florida. With CAPS, the officers respond to scenarios that are projected on a screen and they respond with live fire on the range, or simulation guns in the classroom. The system also allows for the training of intermediate weapons (taser, OC spray, impact weapons) to satisfy the escalation/de-escalation of force, also state requirements.

The mobile range allows small departments “one stop training” to provide mandated training on site, which permits the police department to remain fully functional with current allotment of personnel. By bringing the range to the agency’s jurisdiction, it facilitates officers being trained on regular duty time. Logistically, this presents an excellent opportunity for both the police department and the community.

The Marco Island Police Department is very fortunate to receive sponsorship for the use of the range provided by several local businesses. The Marco Island Police Department would like to thank Castle Keep Armory, Hammer Forge Gun Works, Sticky Holsters and SSP Eyewear for their generous contribution, allowing the Marco Island Police Department to receive state-of-the-art firearms and use of force training. Mobile Tactics is paving the way for businesses to assist their local law enforcement agencies in providing state of the art use of force training to its officers, which will benefit the local communities they serve.



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