Tuesday, October 26, 2021

MIPD to Deploy New Assets




The Marco Island Police Department (MIPD) anticipates deploying two new assets this summer: a 2015 “Quadski” and a 2016 Ranger Bahia Ranger.

The 2015 Gibbs Quadski is a $50,000 fourteen foot long amphibious vehicle, half all-terrain vehicle and half personal watercraft. The MIPD was exceptionally fortunate to obtain the Quadski through the extremely generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Battaglia and the Rockland Bakery.

Quadski amphibians have been used effectively in the public safety arena by various police and rescue services including those in San Francisco, Dubai and in the United Kingdom. Quadski amphibians are considered cutting edge automotive and marine devices with a lightweight composite hull, a unique water jet/suspension system, and powered by a BMW K1300 engine. The Quadski has the ability to attain speeds of over 40 MPH on both the land and water. Because of the Quadski’s distinctive operational capabilities, MIPD personnel assigned to operate the unit will complete specialized training offered at the Big Cypress National Preserve by the National Park Service and its park rangers.

MIPD’s Quadski will be a unique multi-mission platform: at home on the beach, in the gulf or in a local park. The Quadski will enable police personnel to reach areas of the city not readily accessible by boat or patrol vehicle, such as our mangroves, beaches or shoals. More importantly, it will reduce response time and improve capabilities during emergency calls.

MIPD also looks forward to the deployment of their newest vessel, a twenty-one foot Ranger boat to complement their 2004 twenty-eight foot, twin-outboard Donzi. Locally purchased at Rose Marina, this vessel will provide the Department with shallow draft capabilities, as well as the ability to navigate the bays, waterways and canals with an economical single engine platform. The Ranger will be fully equipped with multiple VHF and 800 MHz radios, emergency lighting, standard law enforcement and rescue gear as well as a special shallow water anchor system that permits rapid anchoring during emergency, rescue or law enforcement operations.

The MIPD has analyzed operational requirements and associated geographic factors, and will be moving its older deep V hulled vessel to a slip at Rose Marina on the north end of Marco Island and the new Ranger will be kept on lift at the Caxambas Park Marina on the southern end of the Island. These locations will enable the Department’s vessels to efficiently respond, reducing response time to law enforcement and rescue operations.

The Department will achieve vessel redundancy in the event an older vessel encounters unanticipated mechanical issues. By having a second vessel, it will provide for a maritime backup, ensuring the Department has a marine platform for all calls or events. The $49,000 vessel was purchased utilizing the City’s “pay as you go” Capital Improvement/Replacement Plan, requiring no additional funds be added to the Department’s budget. Department Marine Officers will be familiarizing themselves with the Ranger’s handling characteristics and you will be seeing the new boat and its crew engaging in law enforcement missions, code enforcement operations, or at community events in the very near future.

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