Thursday, October 28, 2021

MIPD News Release – Additional Charges (Crain)


On 08/30/12 Joyce Crain was arrested on ten additional felony counts associated with the investigation cited below.   The new charges are:


Unlicensed Practice of Health Care Profession (Third Degree Felony);


Drugs – Health or Safety Dispense Prescription without License (Third Degree Felony);


Drugs – Health or Safety Possess/Sell/Deliver Contraband Drug (Third Degree Felony) – 4 Counts;


Drugs – Health of Safety Traffic/Possession of Contraband Drugs [$25K or more] (First Degree Felony);


Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification Information (Third Degree Felony) – 3 Counts.


These charges are the result of an on-going investigation being conducted by Marco Island Police Department Detectives with the assistance of allied law enforcement and medical professionals.


Mrs. Crain was arrested on Thursday the 30th of August and transported to the Collier County Jail, where she remains as of the time of this news release.






On August 1, 2012, the Marco Island Police Department executed a search warrant at 1517 Caxambas Court on Marco Island.  The warrant was reviewed by the State Attorney’s Office and issued in the Circuit Court of the 20th Judicial Circuit in Collier County. The homeowners of the residence are identified as A. Larry Crain and Joyce Crain.  The Marco Island Criminal Investigations Unit and the Florida Department of Health Investigations Services – Unit for Unlicensed Activity, have been conducting an ongoing investigation regarding this residence and homeowner Joyce Crain, regarding Prescription Fraud, Forgery and Identity Theft.


Joyce Crain, has been identified as the President of a non-profit organization named Prescriptions 4 Hope, which claims to provide assistance to patients needing prescription medications and are indigent or uninsured.  Crain also operated a business under the fictitious corporation name of Collier County Health Services.


Evidence had been obtained that Joyce Crain was forging prescriptions using various local doctor’s names/signatures, falsifying Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) applications, forging patient signatures, and submitting these documents to Pharmaceutical Companies to obtain the medications free of charge delivered to her residence. The investigation revealed Crain subsequently sold these medications to patients.  Additional evidence was obtained that Joyce Crain altered a public records document – a City of Marco Island Home Occupation/Letter of Zoning Compliance that was issued to Joyce Crain using the business name of Collier County Health Services, and address of 1517 Caxambas Court on Marco Island, where Crain altered the document after issuance, changing the “type of business” to Health Clinic, to further facilitate her attempts in receiving fraudulent prescription medications at her home.


Found in the home during the search was approximately $120,000 – $150,000 of non-scheduled prescription medications, forged prescriptions with forged doctor signatures, numerous documents/records pertaining to pharmaceutical companies and PAP and documentation that support preliminary evidence obtained that Crain received monetary payments from patients who received medications from her. Also found in the home was a small amount of prescription medication classified as a controlled substance.


All of the medications and additional evidence indicative of criminal activity were seized and secured at the Marco Island Police Department.  Joyce Crain was arrested and charged with Forgery, Criminal Use of Personal Identification and Possession of Controlled Substance.  The investigation is ongoing and additional criminal charges are pending.


The Marco Island Police Department is requesting that any patients with legitimate physician issued prescriptions who were attempting to obtain or have been obtaining medications from Joyce Crain – Prescriptions 4 Hope/Collier County Health Services through Prescription Assistance Programs, to contact their physician and obtain guidance in obtaining their medications through another patient advocate.


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