Monday, October 25, 2021

MIPD Needs Recruits to Protect Paradise

Recently, I was given the privilege to conduct an interview with Marco Island’s new Chief of Police, Tracy Frazzano. Ever since she took office in August of 2019, Chief Frazzano has been working ‘round the clock to bring positive changes to the department. Before assuming command here on Marco, Chief Frazzano previously served on the Montclair Police Force for over 25 years. From a community officer, to a patrol officer, and even a detective, her effort and experience took her up to the rank of Deputy Chief. Now, as the new Chief for the Marco Island Police Department (MIPD), her main priority has been focused on recruitment.

As one might imagine, trying to acquire staff for the police force isn’t as simple as hiring waiters for a restaurant. It’s a difficult and even tedious undertaking, but I believe Chief Frazzano couldn’t have it said it better, “the Community will be an asset to the recruiting process.”

With the aid of the Collier County Sheriff’s Department, Chamber of Commerce, and her staff, Chief Frazzano has been working to get the word out through various means. One example has been through a postcard of their design, which gives brief but significant information advertising the department’s interest in recruitment, which can be found in local establishments such as the Wake Up Marco coffee shop on North Collier Boulevard. The MIPD have even invented their own hashtag: “We Protect Paradise.”

There’s more to come, however. During the interview, I was given the opportunity for a sneak preview at the new flyer Chief Frazzano and her staff is making that will promote the MIPD, and its activities, to the public. While I’m unable to disclose all the details, I can confirm to readers that the flyer is a strong and colorful reflection of the MIPD and Marco Island itself. The MIPD recruitment information and material regarding current and future events they have planned can be found through various online social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

Regardless of where the information is obtained, the purpose is to attract a variety of strong applicants. There are basic qualifications and strict guidelines the MIPD follows before they even consider an applicant. Besides the basics of being a U.S. citizen and possessing a valid driver’s license, all applicants must be 21 years of age, have a high school diploma, and most important of all, they must be Law Enforcement Certified in the State of Florida or have at least 12 months law enforcement experience from another state.

If future candidates meet the criteria for the application, they still have to pass the necessary hiring requirements before they can become a certified officer of Marco Island. These will include physical tests and obstacle courses that will assess the applicant’s abilities in running and swimming. There are also various background checks and an interview with the Chief of Police and her administrative staff. Those who pass will be welcomed into the ranks of the Marco Police and prepared for duty. Upon joining, each officer will be tasked with a specialized assignment, which will vary from beach, bike, and marine patrol, to an instructor, and—perhaps the most important of all—a school resource officer.

Even if you’re not qualified, all readers are encouraged to pass this information along to any friends, family, or colleagues you know who have the required credentials. Those who join will not only earn the privilege of serving the citizens of Marco Island, but also enjoy the benefits that come with the job—which includes a pension, low property tax, no state income tax, and working with 25-year veteran Tracy Frazzano. Because if there’s one thing I took away from my interview with Chief Frazzano, it was her strong conviction and confidence in the people of Marco Island. If we can get the word out, and to the right people, then the Marco Island Police Department will hopefully have plenty of fresh new faces in time for “season” on Marco.

To everyone out there who possesses the proper qualifications the MIPD desires, you can apply at this website: . If you require more info, or just have questions, feel free to reach out to the department through the non-emergency number: 239-389-5050.

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