Friday, December 3, 2021

MIPD Investigation


Last evening the Marco Island Police Department (MIPD) notified the public of an incident which involved unknown  adult males in a white pick-up truck asking children to get into their vehicle (see below). MIPD is seeking the public’s  assistance in locating the individuals and / or white Ford crew cab pick-up truck depicted in the below photographs. 

We encourage you to contact us at the below numbers: 

  • Marco Island Police Department – main number (239) 389-5050 
  • Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers 1-(800) 780 TIPS (8477) 

You may maintain anonymity by utilizing the Crime stoppers tips line.



WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP YOUR CHILD – tips for parents to help their children stay safe 

Safety in the Neighborhood 

  • Make a list with your children of their neighborhood boundaries, choosing significant landmarks. Interact regularly with your neighbors.  
  • Tell your children whose homes they can visit. 
  • Do not drop your children off alone at malls, movie theatres, video arcades, or parks. 
  • Teach your children that adults should not approach children for help or directions. Tell your children that if they  are approached by an adult, they should stay alert because this may be a “trick.” 
  • Never leave children unattended in an automobile.  
  • Children should never hitchhike or accept rides from strangers. 
  • Children should not approach a car when they do not know and trust the driver. 
  • Children should never go anywhere with anyone without getting parent’s permission first. Reinforce the importance of the “buddy system.” 

Safety at Home 

  • Children should know their full name, home phone number and how to use the telephone.  Post your contact information where your children will see it: office phone number, cell phone, etc. Children should have a trusted adult to call if they are scared or have an emergency. 
  • Choose babysitters with care. Obtain references from family, friends, and neighbors.  
  • Once you have chosen the caregiver, drop in unexpectedly to see how your children are doing.  Ask your children how the experience with the caregiver was and listen carefully to their responses. 

Teach your children: 

  • It’s OK to say NO – tell your children to trust their instincts. 
  • How to use 911. 
  • Where to go – safe spaces like schools, fire, or police stations. 
  • To be aware of their surroundings. 

Tips Courtesy of “PERSONAL SAFETY FOR CHILDREN -A GUIDE FOR PARENTS” – United States Department of Justice and the National Center for  Missing & Exploited Children.



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