Friday, January 28, 2022

Millennial Mogul in the Making Peter Jean Marie Launches his ‘Dream Big’ Campaign

While modeling at the age of 16, Peter Jean Marie was introduced to the world of fashion.

As he modeled for three years, he found joy in styling his own outfits and then posting them to Instagram, where he started to get a following. Upon graduating from St. John Neumann High School where he participated in football, basketball, and track & field, he attended Miami International University of Art & Design. As modeling jobs became few and far between, the sharp dressed, young man set out to create his own clothing brand and be his own model. He started designing a line of blazers, which he modeled and posted to social media. The response was encouraging as orders began coming in.

Peter Jean Marie Photos by Jodi Pree

In 2016, he gained national recognition when he won a competition (making a dress out of chocolate) at the Miami International Mall. As he worked toward his bachelor’s degree, he learned the business aspect of fashion while interning for Miami-based shoe designer, Fabrice Tardieu.

“My goal is to dream big and that anything is possible. I’m taking a cue from my biggest influence, Sean Combs, in launching my own Dream Big campaign. He has shown me that I can be the CEO of my own company. I have a hand in every aspect of my business. I am the designer, do my own marketing, pick my photographers, decide on materials, and find the best prices for production. I am creating a brand that is open to everyone where I offer luxurious products at an affordable price,” explains fashion designer and entrepreneur Peter Jean Marie.

Now, at age 22, the delightfully driven dreamer with a considerable social media following, is launching his tie collection as part of his Dream Big Campaign on November 23-25 with a pop-up shop at Coastland Center Mall. The pop-up shop will feature his latest ties, a meet and greet, autographs, and t-shirt giveaway to show appreciation to locals who have supported his efforts.

Future plans for the Peter Jean Marie brand include expanding the men’s line and introducing a women’s line.

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