Thursday, December 9, 2021

MIFA’s Student Scholarship Winners

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Due to the COVID-19 PandemicThe Marco Island Foundation for the Arts Scholarship luncheon was canceled this year BUT was rescheduled as a Zoom conference meeting. 

Student scholarship winners along with MIFA board members were able to conference and hear from the students about their experiences this year and how the MIFA scholarships have helped them.  

Logan Fischer had music auditions for acceptance into colleges in Ohio, Indiana, UNC and DePaul University in Tampa. He was accepted at all those colleges but has chosen to attend the University of North Carolina. The scholarship award allowed him to be able to travel around the country and be able to seek the best opportunities that will advance his music career. 

Emma Snow’s scholarship helped to pay her tuition and meals at Savannah College of Art and Design. She chose to attend college there not only for the classes offered but because the area around Savannah offers many opportunities in the art field through local shows and events. 

Luz Perez is a second-year scholarship winner. She is studying music education at the University of Florida and wants to teach marching band. She is the saxophone section leader and bought a new alto saxophone with her scholarship money. This year she will be learning new instruments to include flute, clarinet, and oboe.  

Brenda Perez is majoring in art at Florida Southwestern State College where she will be in her last yearHer scholarship helped her with tuition costs. Being finished with her general studies she will be fully concentrating on her art classes during her final year. 

Brianna Monroe is in her third year at the University of Florida studying journalism. She has joined the campus magazine “HERS” which is an all women-based magazine and continues to freelance with her photography. Her scholarship helped with fees, rent and photo gear.  

Not able to attend the Zoom conference was Harvey Millar. This is the second year winning a scholarship for Harvey who is at Florida Southwestern State College studying theater.  

MIFA wishes all the scholarship winners a great success in the coming year. For more information about MIFA, visit 

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