Monday, January 24, 2022

MICMS’s Rousing Misfit Gym Rats Delights Audience

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Zane McCarty Fisher as Mr. T giving a pep talk to the “Strength Hill Gang”. Back line from left to right: Michael Martinez-Melora, James Cameron, Pierce Roth, Joaquin Perez Jr., Leah Tomblin, and Esha Blanc.

As the school year closes with final exams and projects, so ends the Marco Island Charter Middle School (MICMS) Performance Art Club. They ended the season with a bang with the premier of “Misfit Gym Rats”, an original piece written and directed by Club Director Gina Sisbarro of Sisbarro Acting Studio. The play was based on true to life characters, “boot campers”, from Sisbarro’s own fitness club. Listening to her fellow workout buddies provided her with dialog from her own gab sessions at the gym to create this hilarious play about your average women in a gym verses the serious work-out group. It has a vibe very much like the movie “Dodgeball”.

The theater club performed to two packed houses and their amazingly expert deliveries had the crowd rolling with laughter and applauding loudly to the dance numbers, especially the famous “Zsa Zsa Mop Dance” and the winning performance dance at the gym competition. The club worked hard year-round with extra practices on Saturday and what those in the theater call “Hell Week”, the week of the performance. MICMS facility, parents and theater club members are proud of what happened on stage, placing MICMS on the map for talent beyond compare. Check out the summer camp at the YMCA as well as the theater tots and workshops offered. Visit



Gym Owners

Patty – Elena Lucrecio

Mr. T – Zane McCarty- Fisher

Gym Staff

La La the Receptionist – Aurora O’Donnell

Donny the Janitor – Cameron Cashin

Misfit Gym Rats

The Cleaner – Avery Deal

Bucket List – Kayleigh Kemmish

Broke Back – Haley “Jac” Lamb

Princess – Alexis Malloy

Underdog – Caleb Schemel

Kitty – Addyson Shiveler

Wall Street – Kayli “KK” Todd

Strength Hill Gang

Titanic – James Cameron (Our Assistant Director)

Fitzy – Esha Blanc

Tanker – Michael Martinez-Melora

Matt – Joaquin “Slacker” Perez Jr.

Dino – Peirce Roth

Blondie – Leah Tomblin

Professor Bun Bun – Joseph Padilla-Anglin

Special Guest Appearance – Olivia Rodriguez from Sisbarro Acting Studio who played Zsa Zsa.



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