Tuesday, January 25, 2022

MIA Teacher Receives Champions for Learning Grant

After several years of applying to their online portal requesting support for her classroom needs, Marco Island Academy (MIA) social studies teacher Lori Galiana was delighted to unexpectedly receive a Champions for Learning Classroom Grant. Mrs. Galiana’s $2,000 grant, funded by the WINGS Foundation, will provide her classroom with 10 HP Chromebooks.

“Every year, I apply for grant funding from Champions for Learning. The laptops in my classroom are missing batteries, keys and buttons, making it very frustrating and difficult for my students to work. This summer, I applied for a classroom grant to provide 10 Chromebooks to my research students in my AICE Global Perspectives. I didn’t expect to receive a grant this year. Having something that works, charges, doesn’t break, is reliable, connects to the internet, and can be used in the classroom; well, that’s just fabulous! I am still overwhelmed and overjoyed. I am so thankful to the WINGS Foundation,” said Mrs. Galiana, a 2018 Golden Apple Award recipient.

The grant will specifically benefit Mrs. Galiana’s Cambridge University AICE students. She currently teaches three impressive levels of AICE students: Pre-AICE (25 students), AICE (17 going for their Cambridge AICE diploma), and second year AICE (seven doing an individual, independent 5,000 word research paper). The AICE program, similar to AP and IB, is a challenging, college-level program. MIA students who complete the AICE diploma and 100 community service hours automatically receive the Florida Academic Scholarships Award from the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

“The 17 students currently in my AICE Global Perspectives are required to pick a global issue, research the issue using credible sources, learn to cite sources, compose balanced arguments using credible research, write formal research papers, and prepare for an eight-minute video presentation about their research recorded in front of a live audience which is submitted to Cambridge University for potential college credit and AICE diplomas. I can’t express enough how the newer technology will facilitate these students in their work,” continued the thankful Galiana.

To learn more about charitable opportunities and information about Champions for Learning visit championsforlearning.org. For more information about Marco Island Academy visit marcoislandacademy.org.  

Photo by Jodi Pree
Lori Galiana with her Champions for Learning Classroom Grant Recipient Certificate

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  1. Marie Lynn McChesney says:

    So happy and proud that the efforts of such an outstanding educator are recognized. This will allow her to better provide her students with the technology needed for them to achieve their goals.

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