Wednesday, January 19, 2022

MIA Student Volunteer Ops

Gabby Perez

It’s fair to say that high school has definitely changed throughout the years. Though academics have remained quite similar, the high school experience today may differ from our parents high school experience. With the improvement of technology, addition to school-related programs being offered, and more power given to the student body, there’s a lot to be accomplished that could greatly benefit you in college.

At Marco Island Academy, there is an abundance of great opportunities for students looking to be involved in school clubs, community service and for those looking to earn volunteer hours. Volunteering at MIA and high school in general is a huge part of your high school career. Not only does donating your time to help the community benefit others, it also looks great on a college application.

MIA has a required 75 volunteer hours in order to graduate and 100 volunteer hours in order to receive a scholarship. This may seem like a lot, but if you start early freshman year and actively volunteer, it adds up quickly.

MIA also offers a variety of groups and clubs that help with earning volunteer hours. To name a few, the Key Club is a huge one at MIA that is all about volunteer work. This club is student led, and involves planning different types of events and fundraisers that help raise money for several different charities. Interact Club is another similar one, but is a student service organization in collaboration with Noontime and Sunrise Rotaries of Marco Island. Tech Club at MIA helps in earning volunteer hours, which involves helping anyone in need of technical assistance. These clubs are not only engaging, but are a great way of helping the community.

All school clubs keep track of your earned volunteer hours, which is managed by the guidance counselor. If the clubs at MIA do not seem to feed a student’s interest, there are numerous other organizations that offer volunteer work outside of school as well. If you volunteer for one of these groups, it shouldn’t be a problem keeping track of your hours because all organizations that offer student volunteer opportunities have a system that keeps track of hours, and they can send a copy of them to the school anytime. Student volunteerism is very common in our community, and is strongly encouraged.

MIA is becoming more and more involved with community work, and plans for a great deal of fundraisers this year for all students to participate in. Parents also are able to provide volunteer hours for their student, that will help go towards the student’s college funds. If you have any further questions about student volunteering and community work, you can talk to your school’s guidance counselor for more information.

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