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Message in a bottle reveals a family’s love

Anthony plucked this bottle out of the Gulf.

Anthony plucked this bottle out of the Gulf.

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

When Anthony Macchiarolo found a message in a bottle floating three miles off of Marco’s beaches, he thought he found lost treasure. It took him quite some time to pry out the brown pieces of paper that filled the corked bottle. As he read what was inside, the story of a bride who was left before her wedding began to unfold through notes written by her family and friends.

History provides us numerous examples of letters being stuffed into a bottle and tossed out to sea. Where the idea first originated is unknown, but most credit the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, as the first person in known history to throw a bottle into the ocean. Legend has it that Theophrastus was attempting to show how the Atlantic Ocean’s waters traveled into the Mediterranean Sea. The year was 310 BC.

Since then, people have been tossing messages out to sea for all kinds of reasons. Love letters, SOS messages, letters of inquiry and tide tracking seem to be the common theme. While Anthony was hoping to find treasure with the bottle he pulled out of the Gulf, what he did find could easily fall under the category of love letters.

The messages in this bottle did, in fact, detail the story of a groom standing up his bride just before a Marco beach wedding, but the letters inside were actually full of love. The bride-to-be was clearly among family and friends who offered words of encouragement. “To the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen in the moment you were absent your groom. Please know that you were surrounded by nothing but true love. May the future be brighter than the wish lanterns we light the sky with. Here’s to the end and the beautiful new beginning,” wrote one well-wisher.

Another letter offered these words to the bride-to-be. “No matter what, family will always be there. Please take time

Letters from loved ones filled the floting bottle. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Letters from loved ones filled the floting bottle. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

for yourself! You deserve the best and nothing less! Do not settle! I love you with all my heart! You are my hero!”

The unwavering support continued. “I’m so sorry for everything that happened,” wrote a niece of the bride. “But we are all here for you and you deserve better. Keep your head up!”

Over a dozen love letters filled the bottle. All offered their most sincere love for the woman who was left before her wedding. They also offered a scathing look at the man responsible for the day of celebration that turned into a woman’s worst nightmare. “Sorry you missed it _______. she’s better off without you ____. The whole family hates you. My girl was too good for you,” offers one unsigned letter. Feel free to fill in the blanks with a suitable expletive just as the author of this specific note did.

As with most bottled messages, the authors knew that their writings would one day be found. “If you haven’t figured it out by now, the bride was stood up on the beach by her groom,” stated the first note to be pulled from the floating bottle. “Luckily she was surrounded by her family and was shown more love this day than I have ever seen. Even though she lost a husband, she gained incredible memories and became stronger than she could’ve ever been. I hope this story inspires or at least entertains whoever reads these notes.”

What is truly inspiring is the outpouring of love from the bride’s family and friends. Wherever she is, her heart should be warm with thoughts of her time on Marco with so many people who loved her so much.

As for the letters in the bottle? They were sent back out to sea so that someone else may read her story and share in both the heartache and the heartfelt notes which turned her tragedy into a day to treasure.

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