Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Message From the Publisher, Val Simon



It’s funny how life unfolds before us. Three women, extremely diverse in their views and experiences met, worked together for several years, and went in different directions to pursue other goals. Who would have suspected they would eventually unite to form the foundation for a dynamic new local newspaper team? And yet, here we are presenting you with the first great issue of Coastal Breeze News!

For me, it was a no-brainer! Having seen corporate downsizing three times in less than a year, I knew it was inevitable that the highest salaried employee was next to go: namely me! After working 30+ years for some of the best in the newspaper industry, (Lee Enterprises, Cox Enterprises, Cayman Free Press, as well as some independent entrepreneurs) I have ink in my blood. I have always had a dream and downsizing handed me a golden opportunity to follow that dream.

After a bit of hard work and countless hours in front of  computer screens (from each of us), here we are embarking on a worthwhile mission: bringing a local community newspaper back to the local community. My dream.

Like many of my ‘industry’ friends, my partners and I still believe newspapers are a cornerstone to a community. We don’t cater to what some ‘giant’ says you should be interested in. We want to hear what interests you, from you directly.  We love this community; we believe in being good citizens and we believe a newspaper should reflect the community it serves.

Small, independent papers across the country are growing in numbers. Why? Because they have the same vision:  providing a local community newspaper which puts the community first and has a heart.  So here we are holding the first issue of your newspaper!

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