Thursday, January 20, 2022

Men’s Softball

Game #1 @ 6:15pm:  Sunset Grille def. DaVinci’s, 14-11

Sunset Highlights
4 HITS:  Cory Banister
2 HITS:  Donnie Montroy, Pat Baldwin, Lee Vanderjagt, Rick Hanscom
1 HIT:  Chad Clawson (HR)

DaVinci’s Highlights
5 HITS:  Bobby Natale Jr. (2HR))
3 HITS:  Mike Radlovacki & Mark Feola Jr.
2 HITS:  Taylor Goldsmith

Game #2 @ 7:30pm:  Sand Bar/Integrity Insurance def. Nacho Mama’s, 27-7

Sand Bar Highlights
4 HITS:  Eric Nagel, Paul Thomassen (2HR), Brad Frazier (HR)
3 HITS:  Jason Berning (2HR), JP Nachef
2 HITS:  Pat McGuire, Brian Kocak (HR), Evan Holewinski, & Rob Ashe

Nacho Highlights
2 HITS:  Joe Valencic, Kevin Sullivan (HR), & Derek Schultz

Game #3 @ 8:45pm:  Eli Contracting def. Joey’s Pizza, 15-12

Eli Highlights
5 HITS:  Alex Parker (Grand slam HR @ bottom of 7th to win)
3 HITS:  Juan Martinez
2 HITS:  Chris Nygard & John Wright

Joey’s Highlights
3 HITS:  Steve Pahr (HR), Vince Gentile (HR)
2 HITS:  Santo Gentile

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