Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Men in Blue

Officer George Guyer. Photo by Val Simon

Officer George Guyer. Photo by Val Simon

By Val Simon

Meet George Guyer

George is from the City of Brotherly Love-Philadelphia. More specifically he’s from the City of Chester, where he worked as a policeman for ten years. So what drew him to Marco Island? As with most people the weather rates high on lists of reasons why someone would want to move to Southwest Florida.

George met his wife Joanna through mutual friends. “We’ve been married for twelve years and had begun to raise a family. This is a great place to raise a family,” he notes while proudly mentioning he and Joanna have a five year old daughter, Arianna. “We love it here!”

George says he saw his share of violent crime in Philadelphia. “Coming from an atmosphere with robberies and shootings, this is paradise!” George has been awarded a number of certifications while on the job including becoming a Field Training Officer in which he trains new recruits and they ride along with him learning area specifics. Other certifications he’s been awarded include Drug Interdiction, Stolen Vehicle Identification, Radar, Cycling and Community Policing.

So, what is the worst thing George has come across in all his years policing, whether Philadelphia or Marco Island? “It would have to be the drowning of two toddlers. Two separate cases. I was one of the first on the scene, it was horrible, a little girl, the other a boy. Neither one survived. These happened within three months of each other!”

When he first moved here the plan was to work for the Sheriff’s Department. “I was able to put in an application on Marco and was relieved to work with a more personable department.” George says the Police Department is going through some changes presently. There are new officers in the department as well as some volunteer Reserve and Auxiliary officers coming onboard. George says, “Change is for the betterment of the department. It’s nice to see some new faces.”

If George had one thing to stress to people in the area what would it be? “The police are here to help.”

So what is the best part of being a Marco Island policeman for the last seven years? “The best part of working here would be meeting people from everywhere, especially while patrolling the beach on an ATV. It’s great. I really enjoy getting out and meeting the community. I stop and visit with local business owners, they are amazed we take the time to say hello. It’s nice, they are happy to meet me. Community policing is something I enjoy. This really is my dream job!”

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