Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Memories of Mom

We lost our mom recently and even though she enjoyed a good many years on this earth, her passing is so difficult to come to terms with. I suppose that’s true for every child when they lose a parent. But mom was special…

She grew up, like my father had, during the depression. My father was raised in town, while mom grew up in the country. Both had a difficult early life and had to overcome a great many challenges.

She was a farmer’s daughter. Like many people from that period of time, they struggled to make ends meet. Learning to be selfless was what the people from that time in our country did. To be otherwise, wasn’t an option. It was a time of self-sacrifice. Everyone did their part… so their family could survive. That best describes mom. She sacrificed herself throughout her life for the betterment of her family.

So, she worked hard and persevered. She not only worked full time as a nurse but also full time as a mother, a wife, a housekeeper of our home and our cook in the kitchen. She bandaged our wounds when we injured ourselves, nurtured us when we were ill, she encouraged us whenever she could, celebrated our triumphs and consoled us when we were feeling low, she was our defender at all times. She loved our father deeply and completely and was devoted to him and our family. She made certain that each and every one of us knew just how special our father was. She believed that with all of her heart and saw to it that we did as well.

She loved all of her children and her grandchildren with all of her being. She was our mom… we’ll never see the likes of her again.

I will always consider myself to be the most fortunate person on this earth because of you… And know that I will love you and miss you forever mom… God Bless you and keep you.

Your son


LaDonna J Mason | April 4, 1926-December 18, 2019

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