Monday, October 18, 2021

Meet Your Realtor: Donna Kittle



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

A-26-3 About 21 years ago my husband and three middle school children crossed the SS Jolley Bridge for the very first time to enjoy Christmas Island Style! Immediately the natural beauty, charm and intimacy of the Island captivated me! Within that week we made our first investment on the Island at the South Seas Club. I have to admit that it was a HUGE financial stretch for us with my husband being an Engineer, I being a School Counselor and our 3 bright children college-bound! However, it proved to be one of the best things we ever did! We still own that Mid-Rise unit and now



our adult children and their spouses and our three grandchildren enjoy it when it’s not rented.

A-26-2At that time we were located in Saratoga Springs, NY, where we still own a town home on the Lake. However, I am originally from Boston and was raised in a small apartment with 6 siblings. I earned a partial scholarship and worked at Howard Johnson’s Restaurants during the summers putting myself through College.

After teaching in Salem, MA for two years my husband and I married and re-located to Maine as newlyweds. Our 3 children were born there, I received my MS in Counseling at the U of ME, and we enjoyed living a stone’s



throw from the Atlantic until the GE Plant in Portland, ME announced its closing.

We opted to take a foreign assignment and move abroad to Taiwan for almost three years. My husband was the Quality Control Engineer for a joint Venture to set up a large steam turbine power plant. That was one of the most educational experiences I have enjoyed. I learned enough Chinese to “haggle” for whatever we needed to buy in the open market places, our children attended an International Academy and my husband made great contributions in his position. That opportunity enabled us to travel extensively as a family in SE Asia.

A-26-1We transitioned to upstate NY where



I completed a satisfying 20 year career in Education as a dedicated Teacher/School Counselor. Then I pursued my passion for real estate. I’ve been in the business for almost 9 years and am a consummate Realtor in the Top 2% on Marco! I take my job seriously and strive for customer satisfaction. The biggest challenge I have as a Top Producer is that there just are NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN MY DAYS to do everything I want to do! However, with my strong work ethic “I GET RESULTS FOR MY CLIENTS” and still manage to enjoy some of my favorite things: family time, cooking & walking the beach no matter where I am, as seen in these past Thanksgiving photos on Sullivan’s Island in Charleston, SC.

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