Monday, October 25, 2021

Meet Your Area Dolphins

The Research Team on board the Dolphin Explorer is happy to share information about your area dolphins with the Coastal Breeze News readers. Each edition an individual will be profiled so that you, too, might get to know them. Dolphins can be identified by the nicks and marks on their dorsal fins.

Meet Kay See

This adult female gave birth to her third known calf, Sunshine, last Fall. Previous offspring were Slick Joey and Manhattan.

Once on their own, all of her young have done well. You can find her and her little one quite often at the south end of Keewaydin Island, at the entrance of Big Marco Pass, and at the north end of Tigertail lagoon. A few notable dolphins that she has been seen with recently are Scamp, Rakes, and Tigertail. Her dorsal fin is very free of markings with only two tiny bite marks near the top and
bottom of that fin.

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