Friday, January 28, 2022

Meet Your Area Dolphins

The Research Team on board the Dolphin Explorer is happy to share information about your area dolphins with the Coastal Breeze News readers. Each edition an individual will be profiled so that you, too, might get to know them. Dolphins can be identified by the nicks and marks on their dorsal fins.

Meet Dolly

This adult female is raising a two-year-old named Parton (Get it? Dolly – Parton!).

The calf has stopped nursing from mother’s milk and has been fishing for more than a year.

Since Parton is no longer nursing, there is a potential for her to become pregnant this fall. If this happens, she will give birth next fall to a new calf and Parton will go out on its own.

Three years prior to Parton’s birth, Dolly had a calf named Lama

(Get it? Dolly – Lama!).

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