Sunday, October 17, 2021

Meet the Banded Birds of Marco Island

Photo by Jean Hall

Marco Island and the Tigertail lagoon are critical habitat for federally threatened Piping Plovers.  Piping Plovers have three distinct populations; the Atlantic population, the Great Lakes population and the Northern Great Plains population.  9D8’s yellow flag lets us know it is from the Northern Great Plains population.  It was banded as an adult on June 15, 2015 on an alkali lake near Tappen, North Dakota and has spent each winter since on Marco.  9D8 usually arrives at the end of July and stays until early April.  If you would like to see this bird keep an eye on the mudflats in the Tigertail lagoon on a falling tide.

Adam DiNuovo is the Lee/Collier Shorebird Program Manager and has been working with seabirds and shorebirds from coast to coast for 20 years. He also manages the beach stewardship program which sends volunteers out each weekend during the breeding season to educate beachgoers about Marco’s beach nesting birds.

If you would like to volunteer for Audubon Florida’s Shorebird Stewardship Program or report a banded bird please contact Adam DiNuovo at

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