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Meet Sean Hallihan ll Another Physical Therapist Joins the Team at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness

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Sean Hallihan is the newest physical therapist to join the expanding physical therapy practice at Ideal. Sean has been a resident of Naples since 2008. Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts where he was born and raised, he spent countless hours as an athlete in physical therapy recovering from ice hockey related injuries of his own. That’s where his love for the profession began when he saw the impact physical therapy had on himself. Sean graduated from American International College in 2007 with a Master of Physical Therapy Degree.

Why did you choose to work at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness?

This facility is incredible. Being from the Boston area, this place reminds me of the show “Cheers” Where everybody knows your name. When I came in the first time to meet Tom the owner, immediately two trainers came over to meet me. You recognize immediately that you are not in a typical physical therapy center or gym. There is natural lighting and a warm interior. I noticed physical therapy patients and members happily doing their exercises on state of the art Cybex machines. Upon other visits, I could see Ideal presents a nonthreatening, family atmosphere where personal trainers are not barking orders, but trusted/advisors who care about their members attaining health goals and feeling better. This is all about the patients and members. Their customer experience. We encourage feedback and what we’re told is that people like that we have everything under one roof. Physical therapy with after care programs, active stretching, fitness, nutritional guidance and personal training. The best part is that you don’t have to be a member to use any of our services. On a scale of one to ten, we want our patients and customers to have a “10” experience every time. Our members’ goals and results are just important to us as to them, and our success is determined by their success.

How did you get your start in physical therapy?

After graduating college, I got my first opportunity working at Harvard University working with their collegiate athletes. It was a dream come true to follow my passion for sports and physical therapy. After a year of another cold winter, I accepted a job as a physical therapist with Naples Community Hospital. After excelling in this role, I was promoted to center coordinator of clinical education. In 2011, I took a full time position in home healthcare where I worked with medically complicated orthopedic and neurological patients, earning the physical therapist award in 2014 for excellent service and dedication to the profession. Looking to expand my knowledge and better service my patients, I became a board-certified lymphedema therapist and most recently became LSTV Big certified for treatment and management of people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Describe more about the center.

This is not a typical gym. We have unbelievable personal trainers led by Ashley Lampkin who has more than 13 years of experience working with clients in this area. Ashley and her team of highly qualified trainers help determine whether a client needs a one-on-one training program or individualized circuit training to achieve their goals. This is all included when first joining the ideal fitness family. They provide you with a FREE active stretch, a FREE nutrition consultation, a FREE one-on-one personal training session, and a FREE Inbody analysis. These are all necessary tools to help our clients make their goals a reality.

But, what makes us unique is our program that is designed for the 85 percent of the American public who are not comfortable with or inspired to go to a traditional gym. Geared towards people with sedentary lifestyles, weight issues and/or medical conditions, which may include High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease, our revolutionary program sets participants on a path to a healthy lifestyle and towards reducing or eliminating the need for medication for such conditions.

Personal attention, a customized program and strong support/guidance are among the differences. Our program incorporates proper nutrition, a full body circuit routine, strength training, a cardiovascular program and accountability for staying with the plan. The program itself is designed to help reduce body fat percentages by increasing metabolism.

Our fastest growing segment of our facility is our active stretching led by Tim Magee. It has been a huge service for our physical therapy patients once insurance has run out for their treatment. Our members and the outside public have kept trainers Tim and Matt Kuzan busy providing the 30-minute sessions. Our active stretching program is perfect for anyone with muscle tightness from repetitive motion of working in an office, or a sports-related injury, or simply having a nagging pain. Active stretching can provide the relief and re-strengthening you need to get you back in action.

Any more about yourself?

I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Lauren for 8 years. We love traveling. (Just came back from a 20 day trip all over Europe) Playing with our two dogs, weightlifting, boating and competing in sports. I am working with the best team in the industry. I love what I do and bring a strong work ethic, exceptional clinical skills and an inviting personality to the practice that enable my patients to feel comfortable, learn and most important, GET BETTER!

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