Sunday, November 28, 2021

Meet Captain Tom Bogan

Captain Tom Bogan. Photo by Jeane Brennan

Captain Tom Bogan. Photo by Jeane Brennan

“Always consider that you have the greatest job out there,” is Captain Tom Bogan’s attitude. Originally hired to the Marco Island Fire District stationed on Barfield in 1991, and after all these years, Captain Bogan said, “I love my job. I love everything about it.”

Originally from Brielle, New Jersey on the Jersey shore, Captain Bogan, with his wife, Kathy, moved to Marco Island in 1978. Their two children, Brielle and Tommy, were raised on Marco Island and boating and the close net of family has been a big part of their life. Bogan has had a successful lawn maintenance business, Tom Bogan’s Lawn Service, for 32 years.

Asked if being a fireman was a long held dream, Bogan said that his father was a fireman and that becoming a fireman was a natural occurrence. Once becoming a fireman, though, Bogan said that there is so much more to the job than what he and most people imagine. Throughout the years, Bogan has trained to become diver, hazardous material technician, EMT,

Bunker Gear is just a small portion of a fireman's safe and protective uniform. Photos by Jeane Brennan

Bunker Gear is just a small portion of a fireman’s safe and protective uniform. Photos by Jeane Brennan

coordinator of marine operations (MERT), and much more.

“There is no day that is the same,” Bogan said. “Each day is a constant unknown and there are tremendous ups and downs because of the type of calls in which we respond. As a group, though,” Captain Bogan continued, “we have a tremendous positive bond in that we realize we must pull together to stay together. As soon as we get a call, we have to be ‘up’ for whatever it is that we need to face.”

Captain Bogan would like the residents of Marco to realize that the fire and police force (and all those in public safety) on the island are truly professionals continually being trained and striving to do the best job they possibly can.

Relieving tension headaches – The Trapezius Stretch

  1. The move: Use a strap or towel to improve an upper “trap” stretch
  2. Works on: “trap” stretching, tension headaches
  3. Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Precautions: Consult a physician before attempting this stretch if you have a history of neck injury. This stretch is



very aggressive, so progress cautiously with the amount of strap pressure and neck range of motion. Do not use a strap thinner than 1 inch thick.

Setup: Choose a towel or wide strap that is long enough that each end would reach waist level when it is draped over the shoulder. Stand or sit erect. Drape the strap over the right shoulder so it rides high on the base of the neck. The strap should cross the back and be held by the left hand at the side and the right hand at chest level.

The steps: Hold the strap static with the left hand. With the head and neck neutral, eyes forward, pull down on the strap with the right hand. With constant pressure on the strap, slowly bend the head to the left and slightly forward until a stretch is felt. Hold 30 seconds.

Repetitions: As needed on each side.

Options: Experiment with the strap position and head position to achieve the best stretch.

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