Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Marco Island?

Monday, June 3, 2019, City Council voted to approve by a super majority (5-2) to allow a Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Marco Island. One of the rationales used to do so, was we have 236 liquor license on the Island. I guess two wrongs make a right.

A review of the November 8, 2016 election results for Marco Island are as follows:

Register Voters -12,348, Ballots Cast: 11,154. Yes Votes: 6,358 or 57%.

What is the answer to the following Questions:


  • Were Marco votes casting their ballot approving for a Marijuana Dispensary on Marco Island?
  • Why did majority of Council vote for a Marijuana Dispensary on Marco Island?
  • How many Marco Residents currently have a Medical Marijuana ID card?
  • How many Collier County residents have a Medical Marijuana ID card?
  • How many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are operational or planned for  Collier County?
  • Does Marco meet the Minimum Effective Scale Ratio (1 Dispensary for each 50,000 residents)?
  • Who benefits from having a dispensary on the Island?
  • Doesn’t Bonita Springs Medical Marijuana Dispensary offer home delivery?


Those Councilors who voted for this resolution to proceed must answer these questions at the next council meeting to demonstrate to their constituents how a Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Island is beneficial to the Island residents.


4 responses to “Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Marco Island?”

  1. J. O'Donnell says:

    While I Enjoy some red wine daily I have spent my whole life avoiding drugs. This whole deal about legalizing pot has to do with
    generating tax revenue. Now after bringing up six kids without any issues and 19 grandchildren to influence something that has been taboo for ever is now “approved”. I don’t like it.

    • Tim says:

      You don’t understand it. Far less Harmful than alcohol. Never mind the millions that use it for medical reasons.

  2. Mike says:

    Typical “Reefer Madness” brainwashed mentality. Why not just do away with all the pharmacies while you’re at it. Oh wait a minute, you can’t do that they have legitimate drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin you know all the most abused opiates. You might want to educate yourself

  3. Jamie Cain says:

    1. I personally voted for cannabis so everyone who needed to find natural medicine to help or cure their ailments could try it, grow it and buy it in every city in Florida, so yes. I did expect dispensaries.

    2. I’m fairly certain the majority of Marco Island councilpersons voted to allow a dispensary in Marco Island because they don’t believe in violating their constituents Constitutional rights.

    3. How many MI residents own a card is not the correct question, the question should be, do the people who have a MMU card be able to go around the corner to fill their monthly script. The only answer is yes, they deserve the education and the help their dispensary can offer them, in person…the same way you have your pharmacist available for answers to your prescription questions.

    4. See answer 3. It doesn’t change because of address.

    5. There are currently no working dispensaries in Collier or Marco because apparently Constitutional Rights only matter for those whom you agree with.

    6. The minimum ratio you speak of equals 1 dispensary for every 600 residents. It is a guideline from Colorado. It is not a law. How many pharmacies does Marco have for its residents? Start there.

    7. Cancer, epilepsy, MS, Lupus, Chronic Pain and many other people benefit from having a dispensary. These people are ill and this is how their doctors recommend they augment their allopathic treatment. Who are we to argue whether a cancer patient deserves their form of treatment. Open your mind. Cannabis is food, it is medicine, it helps suffering patients. What more can we ask of a herb?

    8. Bonita offers home delivery, so does your local pharmacy. Do you choose to get delivery from your pharmacy and wait for your medicine when you need it? Why should cannabis be any different. I don’t imagine it would be comfortable for a patient with a broken back from cancer drive an hour to learn about their medicine when they could drive 5 minutes.

    Please stop the stigma. Council is right to offer dispensaries in Marco. If it be at all within your power, live at peace with ALL men. I’m certain that means even those you don’t agree with. .

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