Monday, October 25, 2021

Medical Center on track for January opening



By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

CEO of Physician’s Regional Collier campus, Scott Campbell, is excited about the heathcare system’s introductory foray into the Marco medical market. Campbell expects the new medical center coming to the Shops of Marco to be on track for a mid- to – late January opening.

“We continue planning and development for the opening- placement of physicians for the walk-in component,” says Campbell. The 8,200 square foot facility will house a walk-in clinic open 12 hours per day, seven days per week. It will also provide full-time primary care physicians and specialists on rotation, as well as a rehab center.

The types and frequency of specialists will be driven by demand for their services. “We are hopeful that the medical center will be so successful that it will be a base for us to expand our presence on the island.” Campbell adds, “We believe, based on feedback we’ve been getting from the community at large that the community will be very welcoming of a larger physical footprint.”

Physician’s Regional is in the process of staffing the facility. Campbell says that they are seeking doctors and support staff who love the variety of issues and faster pace presented by a walk-in environment. Two key experts from the Collier campus are guiding the staffing process. Todd Gibson is the director of nursing at the ER, and Campbell says Gibson will apply that experience to the nursing system at the walk-in clinic. Dr. Carlos Portu is a Marco resident and practices internal medicine on the Collier Campus. He will serve as the medical director for the walk-in clinic and guide the selection of physicians.

Campbell adds that the walk-in clinic is not designed to be an emergency facility. “We are not creating a substitute emergency service but if patients present an emergency we will work closely with city and county emergency transport…you have an advantage because we have a full service hospital close by.”

Physician’s Regional expects to hire about 15 local positions to staff the clinic.

Overall, Campbell is looking forward to opening the Marco facility in time for season. “It’s a joy to be expanding into Marco Island.”

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