Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Medical Cannabis Treatment Center

I wanted to applaud the Marco Island City Council on being the first forward thinking government leaders in Collier County to allow a Medical Cannabis Treatment facility in their city.
I hope this compassionate and forward thinking decision inspires the County Commissioners and the City of Naples City Council to rethink their backwards and discriminatory policies that are an outright assault on patient’s rights and medical freedom.
My son had a malignant brain tumor at age 11 with radiation to the head and spine that required chemotherapy. He had two strokes in 2017 caused from scar tissue in the brain breaking off. Afterwards, he developed a seizure disorder. His neurologist was the physician who recommended he try medical cannabis. Due to the effects of cannabis, my son has been seizure free over two years, has reduced anti-seizure meds from 4 to 1. Immediately, his ability to think clearly, speak and comprehend drastically improved and continues to do so. His overall sense of well-being is enhanced. The people that are still opposing safe, local access to this life saving medicine simply do not understand how so many patients are helped by it. I guarantee you that every single person who suffers from a life threatening or debilitating disease would want to try anything that would help themselves or their children.
I don’t know how people sleep at night that would deny others that same right.
Congratulations to Marco Island for choosing compassion instead of discrimination and for choosing freedom over bureaucracy.

Lee Shook

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