Wednesday, January 19, 2022

MBYC Change of Watch/Commodore’s Ball

The Marco Bay Yacht Club (MBYC) held its annual Change of Watch/Commodore’s Ball on Saturday, January 12 at Hideaway Beach Club.

Musical accompaniment was provided by Michael D’Amore and, as usual, a great meal was served. As Marco’s oldest boating club, the MBYC is now entering its 51st year.

The MBYC Bridge for 2019 will be: Sally Orth, Commodore; Larry Sacher, Vice Commodore; and Bob White, Rear Commodore. 

As the “fun club,” MBYC has a number of boating and social events planned for the coming year. February 5th the club will be having a boating event based on the popular TV Show “Survivor,” however in recognition of the club’s membership, it will be age appropriate activities. They will be traveling by boat to an as-yet announced island. There will be four “tribes,” each headed-up by a Chief. The Chiefs have been meeting to plan the activities for what should really be a fun event.

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