Sunday, December 5, 2021

Matt Browne Topples Billy Bush in Celebrity Doubles Match



Doug Browne

Skeptical, yes. Curious, sure. I always wondered how “Entertainment Tonight’s” Billy Bush moved up the line to secure such an awesome job in the television world. It surely can’t hurt to be a part of the Bush family; George H. W. Bush was President No. 41, first cousin George W. Bush was President No. 43 and first cousin Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida.

Billy Bush, like his famous cousins, has a solid educational background as he attended the prestigious St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island, and then attained his degree at Colby College in Maine. Ironically, when I was running the International Hall of Fame Tennis Program, I had to run two different Gold Ball tournaments at St. George’s, and it boasts six courts in the front of its amazing entrance. There are six more farther down the long driveway near the beginning of the complex. Billy went to school with fellow journalist Tucker Carlson.

Billy cut

Billy Bush is the nephew of George H. W. Bush (President 41) and cousins with George W. Bush (President 43) and Florida's own Jeb Bush.

Billy Bush is the nephew of George H. W. Bush (President 41) and cousins with George W. Bush (President 43) and Florida’s own Jeb Bush.

his teeth during stints in New Hampshire and Washington, D.C., hosting various radio shows before he landed in Los Angeles and his current gig with “Entertainment Tonight.”

Even though a large majority of actors or television personalities are shy off camera, Billy was outgoing and playful on the court. Playing with his best childhood friend, Jesse, he was loose, jovial and in fine form, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not get the ball past young Matt Browne. He had a festive time trying again and again. Both Billy and Jesse boasted solid forehand drives, and they never compromised. When Matt’s partner served a cream puff, Billy and Jesse lined up their talented forehand’s and ripped the cover off the ball.

Without a doubt, Billy’s best rants revolved around Matt’s big American Twist serve. “Did you guys see that last one? I swear it was moving at me, and then all of a sudden it bounced away. Ok, Matt,

Entertainment Tonight's Billy Bush competing against Marco Islander Matt Browne on Martha's Vineyard.

Entertainment Tonight’s Billy Bush competing against Marco Islander Matt Browne on Martha’s Vineyard.

don’t hold back; I’m going to return one of these real soon,” Billy laughed after another failed attempt.

Moments later after Matt poached (aggressive net move to win the point) and hit a long stretching backhand volley winner, “Come on, how long is this guy’s wingspan. Jesse, did you see what Matt just did,” Billy playfully offered to his partner.

Thanks to Billy’s constant shot-by-shot playful analysis, three buddies had a blast with Marco Islander and Furman tennis star, Matt Browne, on Martha’s Vineyard. It was a pleasure to have Billy and his friends drop by and have a good time, and he promises to return in the future.


Since 2000, Doug Browne was the Collier County Pro of the Year three times, and has been a USPTA pro in the area for 28 years. Doug was also honored in the International Hall of Fame (Newport, Rhode Island) as Tennis Director during the 2010 summer season. Doug has been writing about tennis for the last 19 years.

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